Friday, January 20, 2006


15 January 2006

ICESS, The Intervarsity Conference of Engineering Student Societies was successfully held in Bangunan Ingenieur last Sunday. With the attendance of 16 universities, it marked the higher achievement of SRC. The radiance of SRC will now shine brightly not only in Malay Peninsular but reach out to the Island of Borneo.

The conference was officially started with the speech by G&S Vice President I, Mr Yau Chau Fong. Despite of the traditional spoon-feeding behavior, he hopes that students would speak out their point of views during discussion and lend their helping hands to SRC.

After a short tea break, the discussion was started. The attendees were sit according to their groupings arranged earlier. There were two topics for the session where the attendees were grouped into 10 small groups. The two topics were:

  • The review on the current SRC
  • The expectations from SRC

There were lots of brilliant ideas from students in the end of day.

We gladly welcome all the students to join us in the SRC big family.

You will be inspired!

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