Friday, January 20, 2006

IEM G&S Melaka – Setting Up Pro-tem Committee (1st October 2005)

Attended by: Sdr. Alex Tan Yew Aik, Dr. Tan, Sdr. Ngeow Yen Wan, Sdr. Wong Chee Fui, Sdr. Suresh Yegembaran and Sdr. Yau Chau Fong.

This term (2005/ 2006), IEM G&S External Affairs portfolio is given a new task, to reach out all the engineers and setting up an active G&S section at each branches respectively. The first meeting was held at Melaka. Even though a few volunteers turned up but the meeting was carried out successfully with the determination of having more membership drives at Melaka to attract more engineers to join IEM as active members.

"This is what we should do......" and so on.....

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