Friday, January 20, 2006

IEM Terengganu Branch Membership Drive (8th January 2006)

Attended by: Sdr. Suresh Yegembaran and Sdr. Ngeow Yen Wan

Early in the morning on 8th January 2006, the Chairman Sdr. Suresh Yegembaran and Sdr. Ngeow Yen Wan the External Affairs Director, drove all the way to Terengganu Advanced Training Centre (TATI) to present their speech on introduction of IEM G&S. Approximately 100 participants attended the membership drive. Many thanks to Ir. Ahmad Nazari and Ir. Dr. Ramlee Karim for this successful event. A pro-tem G&S committee under Terengganu Branch will be formed soon, lead by Ir. Ahmad Nazari.

Waiting patiently before the start of the event.

“What IEM G&S can do for you?”, said Sdr. Ngeow Yen Wan, during the introduction session.

“Any other question?”, asked Sdr. Suresh Yegembaran at the end of event.

“Yes, I would like to volunteer myself for this new pro-tem committee”, said of the participants and filled up his details on the recruitment list.

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