Saturday, September 23, 2006

IEM SRC (Student Representative Council) Leadership Camp 2006

PD,here we come!!!
(8th - 10th September 2006)

Prepared by: Lee Mei Ping (MMU Melaka)
Edited by: Alex Tan Yew Aik

IEM G&S’s Student Representative Council (SRC) Master Plan Review Workshop 2006 at PD trip!!!

IEM G&S’s Student Representative Council (SRC) Master Plan Review Workshop 2006 which is held in Port Dickson is an intervarsity activity which gathers engineering student society’s representatives from universities all around Malaysia.

The main objective of this master plan review workshop is to engage student representative of each engineering society in open discussion on future role of IEM Student Representative Council and interaction with students. IEM G&S would like to obtain feedback on effectiveness of IEM Student Membership Drives and the services to meet Engineering students and society’s needs.
By achieving the objectives, this year SRC Leadership Camp theme's is "The Way Forward". So, for the brainstorming session, it seperated into two sessions. First session will be "Understand The Past", which it's a opportunity for IEM G&S to really understand the difference nature of activity and cultural for each university. Second session is "Plan The Future", which IEM G&S gives opportunity for each university society to express out what assistance that they really need from IEM G&S.
With the success of previous years SRC gathering, they realized the importance of having such a gathering and subsequently, the IEM G&S has decided to establish this type of activity as an annual activity.
We really had a great time at Port Dickson during tat weekend!!!*grinz*
Everyone enjoyed and cherish the event.

Anyway,here are some photos taken during the event:

Welcome to Sunshine Bay resort.This is the apartment that we stayed during our 3 days,2 nights camp

one for an album~

everyone enjoyed the bbq...*grinz*

thumbs up!!!

and so,this are the food tat we had for bbq.hahaha...

come on..let's run away with the food~~~



Discussion among student representatives from other universities

Presentation on Discussion Result
(Tranditional Method)

Presentation on Discussion Result
(Modern Method)

Very concentrated audiences to others presentation

Lunch Break ...


Multimedia University (Melaka Campus) [MMU]

University Islamic Antarabangsa [UIA]

Kolej Universiti Kejuruteraan & Teknologi Malaysia [KUKTEM]

University Sabah Malaysia [UMS]

Monash University Malaysia &
University Malaya [UM]

Swinburne University of Technology
(Sarawak, Malaysia Campus)

University Putra Malaysia [UPM]

University Science Malaysia (Engineering Campus) [USM]

Beach Games:

Tug of War

Captain Ball

Banana Boat

Beach Soccer

Friends Forever ...

Free & Easy Session:


Sharing Session


check out video here:

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