Monday, October 30, 2006

Food for thoughts:Scientific Progress

Posted by : Lee Mei Ping, MMU Melaka

Scientific development has been a great process as we step into the 21st century. Our world is getting more advanced each day with inventions which are invented to fulfil our needs.

As a result, technology is constantly being used and upgraded to increase the production of machines and appliances. More and more machines are invented to lighten our burden.
Today, with rapid development in information technology, workers can sit down and just operate machine without sweating at all.

As science gradually advances to a greater degree as today, it often casts a spell upon us. This is because the effects of scientific development are various. With the invention of printers and scanning machines, men do not need to do writing. All reports can be printed out through printer.

Thus, remember... do not let computers and machine take over the job! =)

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