Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dear Diary Blog...

Prepared by Yau Chau Fong
Blogged by Lee Mei Ping [MMU Melaka]

Dear blog readers out there....

This will not be the usual posting made...instead this will be more on a personal diary blog entries.

Let me just get straight to the point on what I’ll be highlighting in this diary blog. I’ll be blogging about the benefits on becoming a student/graduate member. And so, there are times when I’ll approach friends, asking them if they would like to join as student/graduate members . Before I can start off with my explanation on how to fill in the form, they will just ask me back

“Why should I become a student/graduate member?”

I would just stare at them… *speechless*….

And thus, last Sunday, I was actually waiting for an email which was supposed to be sent a day ago but somehow I think it got stuck somewhere and since I got nothing better to do, I surf. I surf through IEM G&S yahoo groups, just to check out the emails and so on.

Half way scanning through the yahoo group, I saw this title and it caught my eyes…

cool, this is might be a useful source, for me to answer the question which is frequently asked….

BENEFITS OF BECOMING GRADUATE MEMBER and this is how the email goes:


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Dear all,

Ever since joining G&S...5 years ago, there has been a lot questions and "doubts" from four corners even five corners from everyone...asking not only me but i believe all the committees....why and WHY should i become a graduate member.......can you just leave me with my work or studies......I may not be able to convince all but i believe i could only enlighten those who would really want to hear and would want to benefit from IEM and IEM G&S respectively.......

Below are things i managed to pen down...and i hope committees could add to this and we will make it official to everyone...via jurutera, announcement, blogs and snail mail to colleague, presentation in order to create the awareness of the benefits of G&S...and i do hope all committees would not be caught off-guard...what is there in G&S...and i believe all those i have listed are truly relevant and i believe all G&S committees have also benefited from it......

Like what my director has told me, sometimes engineers just don't think it is a benefit to we leave them alone.........

Like Suresh has mentioned and i truly agree, if they don't want to take the benefits, we will share the benefits amongst those who would like to share the cake with us........that is the best we could do.......

Let's brand the new IEM G&S....

Today i will list out the benefits of becoming graduate member and i would continue with students' benefits, and then PDP points (how to obtain 30 PDP points), and then how to register as IEM
G&S member....and followed by sim
ple route to PE explanation.....and finally pursuance of Non-PE related the coming weeks........


1) Cheaper option towards Professional Interview (MIEM Status)
Entrance Fees for Professional Interview for Graduate Member - RM100.00
Entrance Fees for Professional Interview for Non-Graduate Member - RM350.00

2) Earn your 30 PDP points for entitlement to sit for PE exam. (for those registered with BEM from 1st January 2005 onwards)

3) Free Mentor System (IEM provides free mentorship programme for graduate to sit for PE Exam)

4) Free Monthly Jurutera Magazine, Quarterly Journals and yearly G&S Annual Magazine and latest IEM Activities Flyers.

5) Members Discount on IEM Activities (up to 40% cheaper then non-member rate on IEM activities)

6) Advice and support on your professional development and career guidance.

7) Latest engineering/graduate news via G&S Section.

8) Networking Meeting up with other engineers, senior engineers, other professionals.

9) Resources of IEM (library, journals, standards)

10) Free e-mail updates on IEM activities (The IEM G&S Announcement Group) & G&S Blog

11) Get to be G&S Volunteer & transformed yourself to be a leader in engineering field

12) Scholarships, awards, competitions and paper presentation to international conferences.

13) Adding credentials to your CV that are instantly recognised and respected by employers and colleagues

14) Opportunity to use the title "Engr."

15) Sharing with the students from universities via IEM G&S Career Talk in universities.

16) Have fun and joined the sports and social events of G&S Section.

17) Free Life Membership of IEM Direct Access Credit Card

WOw~, that's way lots of benefits.... ^_^

A few seconds later, an email which i was waiting earlier on...was sent to me….i opened and saw the title:


*grinning* what an coincident...~

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