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“G&S – Positioning for Leadership”

"G&S – Positioning for Leadership"
Message from G&S Chairperson Session 2006/2007
Engr. Yau Chau Fong

First of all, I would like to thank the G&S Committees (Session 2005/2006) for giving me the mandate to become the chairperson of G&S. It is indeed a great challenge for me to lead this ever-energetic and vibrant young engineer's section.

Under the chairmanship of Engr. Suresh, we certainly have achieved and scaled new heights and brought the section further in portraying our image as the future leaders
of the engineering fraternity.

I believe it is a great honor for me to consolidate G&S further with the aptly chosen theme for the upcoming session - "Positioning For Leadership".

No doubt it will be an invigorating session to look forward to.

Embarking the new session, we have organized the biennial IEM G&S Annual Charity Dinner & Dance on 12th August 2006. The dinner, which encompasses fellowship, charity and recognition will definitely be a marvelous one! I would hereby like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to the organizing committees who have toiled day and night in order to make this event successful.

This year also marks a special session for us in G&S as we will be hosting the Conference of the Young Engineers ASEAN Federation Of Engineering Organization (YEAFEO) at end of the year and this willprovide the platform for our homegrown engineers to network with engineers from all over the ASEAN countries.

To kick start the session, the committees went through a rigorous yet fun brainstorming session at Selesa Homes, Bukit Tinggi from 19th to 20th August 2006. The session has brought us to chart the coming session’s activity, our direction, our key result areas and key performance indicators for G&S.

So what are the plans for this session?

Professional Development: We shall collaborate with more technical divisions to organize more courses and trainings for young engineers besides focusing on soft skills development of young engineers. Another aspect to look into shall be promoting IEM to non-PE pursuance engineers and increasing the awareness of route to becoming professional engineers to young engineers.

External Affairs: The last session has built a good rapport within G&S branches and we will continue to sustain this effort and assist in setting up new G&S branches. We shall also play an active role in building of the professional network through the newly formed Malaysian Professional Network under BIM (Balai Ikthisas Malaysia) as well as initiating more contacts for foreign young engineers’ organization.

Social and Community: We will encourage more fellowship gatherings and sporting events with engineering companies and serve the community through engineering.

Student Affairs: We shall continue to position ourselves as mentors & career advisors for students through SRC (The Student Representative Council). The just ended Student Representative Leadership Camp and Engineering Interactive Gathering (EIG) has initiated the platform to bridge the gap between graduates and students.

Publicity & GS Dot Com: Structured roadshows for engineering related companies, engineering faculties and universities shall be conducted. We shall continue to brand and enhance the image of young engineers and build up the membership of G&S Section.

We shall also be looking forward to work closely with IEM senior members to formulate, integrate and leverage on their ideas to enhance and bring a new horizon to our activities.

Last but not least, the G&S is always the platform to train and “engineer” leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, I urge all young engineers to come forward to volunteer and serve in the various G&S sub-committees.

“I have been in G&S for the past 5 years and I truly believe that G&S can definitely serve as the platform for young engineers like you and me to change our life! So, join us in G&S and you will be transformed!”

Here’s to a great year ahead!

Engr. Yau Chau Fong
IEM G&S Session 2006/2007

Group photo of G&S Committees at Selesa Homes Resort during the G&S Brainstorming Session.

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