Sunday, January 28, 2007

Networking Dinner With NYLC & MPS

Prepared by Engr. Tang Wai Keong
Blogged by Yoke Mei

Networking Dinner with Young Members of the National Young Lawyer Committee (NYLC) & Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS).

On 05th January 2007, IEM G&S External Affairs successfully organised its’ 4th activity on 05 January 2007 – “Networking Dinner with Young Members of National Young Lawyer Committee (NYLC) & Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) at Little Vietnam, Midvalley Megamall, PJ which attract 37 multi races participants.

Together with us for the dinner were some young lawyers, pharmacists & chartered accountant.
We have establishing a greater & closer networking & interaction among the young engineers, lawyers & pharmacists. Every participants have a chance to descript themselves and sharing their knowledge in

their profession.

All the Young Professionals are invited by IEM G&S for the Young Professionals’ Nite will be held on
27th January 2007 and other social events. The Young lawyers also inviting IEM G&S & MPS for their organized programs; whilst each respective committee members also can benefited from the outing by getting a rare opportunity to improve the relationship with other young professionals.

More good moments to share ......

Our Mr. Chairman, Chau Fung talking so many admirer. Yen: Chau Fung always want to talk a lot.

There will a lot more to be shared at The Professional Nite on 27th January 2007.

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