Friday, January 12, 2007

Networking Dinner

with Young Members of the:
-Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM),
-The Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS),
-The National Young Lawyer Committee (NYLC)
-The Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretariats and Administrators (MAICSA)

Prepared by Yen Kwan & Sze Yin
Blogged by Yoke Mei

G&S’ External Affairs successfully conducted its’ 3rd activity of the current session – “Networking Dinner with Young Members of Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM)”, which attracted a total of 17 participants. Together with us for the dinner were some young pharmacists, chartered secretaries & lawyer.

The main objective of the activity – which was to establish a solid networking with the young architects, was achieved; whilst our committee members also benefited from the outing by getting a rare opportunity to mingle with other young professionals such as pharmacists, secretariats, administrators & lawyer.

Looking forward to more dinners of such in future. Cya in Young Professionals' Nite on 27th Jan.

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