Saturday, January 27, 2007


Prepared by Engr. Low Kok Chang
Blogged by Yoke Mei

On 13th January IEM G&S organized yet another successful fellowship – our first archery outing.

When we were pulling the 16lbs string, our instructor Mr. Yeoh already spent more than 45 minutes talking – the clinic takes more time than expected, but rightly so - most of the 18 of us are new to archery. Mr. Yeoh gave an interesting and informative lesson, starting from the history of archery (“weapon” that killed most people, compare guns and bombs), different type of bows and arrows, and most importantly, the correct technique to practice the sport.

But theory is one thing, putting it into practical use is another. The first dozen of our arrows hardly goes near the target, but improve gradually under the supervision and guidance our instructors. That being said – we are just 10 meters away from the target. We can only stare in disbelieve when Mr. Yeoh finally draws his bow, hit the target 30 meters away!

As expected (since we start late and have longer clinic) we took more than 3 hours to finish all 3 dozens of arrows. Some of us were fortunate enough to try the compound bows – get the feel of releasing arrow with “trigger”. Mr. Yeoh and colleagues has been generous and patience – THANK YOU! They even prepared bows for left-hander archer – that means you hold the bow with your right hand, pull the arrow with left hand and, aim with your left eye. Not that difficult, right? :)

We would also like to take this opportunity to thanks all the participants, especially Melanie (Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society), Tracy and Dara (National Young Lawyers Committee), Sufyan, Lai, Koh, Tey (first time participant) and Fariz (all the way from Perak!). To our ever supportive and active G&S members: Cham, Atie, Chau Fong, Yeng Hui, Chee Fui, Ngeow, Jimmy and Chee Hong – thanks and see you in another activity!

We certainly hope this is a good for the year, as we are”aiming” for more surprises from G&S chapter and other young professionals!

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