Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Talk by Mr Peter Hicks-Talk on " What stop you from achieving your DREAM "

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Date : 26 Jan 2007 (Friday)
Time : 9am to 10.30 am (refreshment will be served at 10.30 am)
Venue : IEM conference Hall
Speaker : Mr Peter Hicks, Australia

Find out what stops people from achieving their dreams in life and how to break the habit!!

The speaker, Peter Hicks has had exposure on a relationship level with leaders of both government and private industry. He is an exceptional "people person" with broad marketing, fiscal and CEO experience. He is an experienced "agent of change".

The title grabs my attention most to attend the talk in the early morning. I went for the talk together with the other friends from University Malaya who are members of ASHRAE. It's a joint event with the body. The speaker arrived earlier than the stipulated time so we manage to talk to him before the talk started. We find that he's an interesting speaker who would not follow the old trend...speak according to the slides. Instead, he shared the experiences he encountered in his working life with the audience and interact with the rest of us to get feed back and to keep us awake :). I like the part when he expose the interview criteria like the question would be most probably asked by the interviewer during the interview. We believe that Mr Peter has been living in Malaysia for quite some time coz he knows our culture and living well so he would try to tolerate with us during his talk in order to make us understand what he's trying to convey.

The pictures shown that Mr Peter is trying to explain human brain phenomena in which there is 90% of our brain is in subconcious condition and the 10% proportion in concious which means ---subconcious holds your back in your daily life.

A group photo taken before Mr Peter left. Obviously, Mr Peter is the 4th counting from the left.

An utmost gratitude to Mr Peter for his effort in his talk.

There are several quotes from him to be pondered---
" We are today is what we thought of yesterday",
" You are a victim of your past, unless you change it",
"Don't bite off any you can chew, be happy with what you have" etc.

We learned a lot from it.

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