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Date : 27 January 2007 (Saturday)
Time : 6.30pm onwards
Venue : MySciFiFan Outpost, Lot 208ii, 2nd Floor,

Cineleisure Damansara (outside Cineplex cinema)

Group photo with all the professionals

For the very first time as part of our efforts this session to network with other fellow young professionals...It's a successful social event attended by almost 100 professionals. Amongst them are:
-chemists (from IKM)
-pharmacists (fromMPA)
-town planners
-veterinarians (from VAM)
-secretaries (from MAICSA)

and University of Malaya students as volunteers

The crowds started to fill up the restaurant at 630pm. After registration, they mingled around with different professionals and showed business cards during their interactions. Soon the restaurant were getting into party atmosphere. Everybody enjoyed chatting with each other very much.

The dinner started at 8pm and proceeded with introduction of every professionals by each body's representative. The picture shown beside is that our chairman, Engr Yau Chau Fong is giving speech.

The event was then proceeded with games, Taboo where all professionals are separated into groups. We are honoured to have Mr Richard, the owner of the restaurant to assist us in the game part as he sponsored a few prizes to the participants in the dressing of costume.

The event hadn't ended yet...We proceeded our excited spirit to Red Box (Karaoke) after the event :).

Indeniably, it is a highly applauded event among the attentees and hopefully we may have the similar events in future which aim in bonding with other young professionals' groups.

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sigh..wish i wa there, sob.. sob.. have 2 wait until next year...