Sunday, March 25, 2007

Intervarsity Conference of Engineering Student Society 2007 (ICESS 2007)

Blogged by Lee Mei Ping
Prepared by Alex Tan Yew Aik

: 3rd March 2007
Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm
Venue: Conference Room, 2nd Floor, IEM Building

1) IIUM Kulliyah of
Engineering, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs - Asst. Prof. Dr. Raihan Othman
2) IEM G&S Chairman – Engr. Yau Chau Fong
3) Student Representatives from UM, IIUM, USM, MMU Malacca, UMP, and Sw
Technology of University (Sarawak Campus)
4) IEM G&S Student Affair Portfolio (Engr. Alex Tan, Heah Hooi Kiang, Chin Yik Ming,
Jafni Jiken, Goh Chiat Wooi)
5) ICESS 2007 Organizing Committees (from IIUM ENGINUIS)


ICESS is a formal gathering of engineering student societies, first introduced in October 2001 by the IEM G&S. The main purpose of having this conference is to provide a platform for the IEM SRC (Student Representative Council) Student Representatives to gather and have discussion on some crucial topics related to the IEM, SRC and respective universities.

Student Representatives from different universities voice out their opinion during Discussion Session.

Student representatives obtained a copy of “TARGET ASIA – ENGINEERING” from IEM G&S partner, GTI Specialists Publisher.

Group photo of participants for ICESS 2007


Anonymous said...

Glad that i've been to ICESS. And, Great to meet up with GTi rep as i'm one of the fans of this publisher :). Just bcoz they are giving away useful books for free. Their objective is to help ppl in making correct great are they!!

Thanx to the GTi for their applautable spirit in helping ppl....

m3ipin9 said...


glad that u attended the ICESS. do join IEMG&S activities often. they've lotsa upcoming activities to attend.