Saturday, May 26, 2007

Self Defence Awareness Talk and Practise

Written by Jimmy Fam

Blogged by Lee Mei Ping

Date : 28th April 2007

Time : 9.00 a.m to 12.00 noon

Venue : IEM, Petaling Jaya

Speaker : Mr.Lim Chow Kiat

Total Participants : 8 pax

It was another record-breaking for non technical talk- Self Defense Talk and Practice organized by Graduate & Student, IEM. It was such a valuable experience and opportunity to pick up some self defense techniques which become compulsory techniques that we should master to protect our loved one looking at current turbulent society trauma.

The talk was divided into three parts, namely Part 1 – Self Defense Talk, Part 2 – Self Defense Techniques practice and Part 3 – General Safety Precaution for women and men

Part 1 – Self Defense talk was mainly touched on Taekwon-Do history, categories of different martial arts in the world and importance of self defense for women and men.

Part 2 – This section was more interactive where participants were imparted with few simple self defense techniques. These techniques were taught step by step so that every participant could grasp the essence of each movement to apply during live endangering period. Following that, participants were given careful supervision on the technique execution by instructors. Apart from that, participants were also given chances to practice their punching and blocking techniques on the “holding target” to test their techniques’ power and momentum.

Part 3 – Mr Lim gave a detailed safety precaution section to all the participants so that they could avoid to become the victim of unpleasant incident, For example, precautions that participants should take while walking alone at the car park zone or lonely alley.

Based on the feedback, it was such a wonderful experience and G&S look forward to organize the self defense class in the future.

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