Saturday, June 02, 2007

Talk on Rational Drug Use

Written by: Jimmy Fam
Blogged by: Lee Mei Ping

Date : 23rd May 2007
Time : 7.30 pm to 9.00 p.m
Venue : IEM, Petaling Jaya
Speaker : Ms. Jennifer Tan
Total Participants : 12 pax
Organizing committee – Jimmy and Mahendran, MC-jimmy

It was another exciting talk organized by Graduate & Student and supported by Malaysia Pharmaceutical Society. It was attended by IEM graduate Engineers and MPS members, Based on their feedback, it was a valuable experience and opportunity to learn on the different types of medicine and precaution we need to take note on our daily life.

The talk was divided into three parts, namely Part 1 – category of medicine,
Part 2 – 5R concept and Part 3 – Be a smart consumer.

Part 1 – It was informed that all medicines should be registered with Ministry of Health Malaysia and will have registration number, for example MAL200612345X before medicines was sold to consumers. Medicine can be categorized to poison and non poison scheduled items where poison items are strictly restricted to specialists and pharmacist while non poison items could be obtained over the counter.

Part 2 – 5 R concepts where it emphasized on The Right Drug given to the Right Person for the Right Indication at the Right Dosage and Right Timing. It is important to know our medicine well in order to minimize any adverse effect and thus enjoy better healthy lifestyle.

Part 3 –there are some essential information that we need to keep in our mind when we are given medicine from doctor or when we purchase medicine from pharmacist, some of the items are name of product, storage, content, manufacturer’s details, hologram, registration number, instruction of dosage, warning and indication.

Last by not least, there’s a short demonstration on insulin injection to some of the participants where the amount of injection is essential for our daily life

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