Friday, July 06, 2007

IEM G&S to MMU Melaka Orientation

During the one week orientation programme from11/6-15/6 , MMU Melaka welcomed the new batch of freshmen to the interesting university life. At the mean time, IEM G&S was given the honour to share with alpha engineering students(Pre-U students) about how great G&S is and how to participate in IEM.

The event started off with Mahendran to give a brief introduction of IEM G&S and the benefits of joining IEM G&S and then later part was presented by Yik Ming about Student Affair and how to join G&S. It was a casual yet informative session where students highly participated in it to ask some useful questions regarding IEM. All in all, this is a great start for G&S to introduce ourself in MMU Melaka and hope we have more session in Melaka in the near future.
Students listen attentively to IEM Sharing Session.
Mahendran sharing the benefits in IEM G&S

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yeechin said...

so many little kids from MMU Malacca attended this activity.. A good start to new committees of MMUIEM !!