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First Joint IEM YES - IET YMS Activity - Power Quality Talk

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First Joint IEM YES - IET YMS Activity - Power Quality Talk

Date : 12th September 2007

Time : 7.00 pm to 9.00 p.m

Venue : IEM, Petaling Jaya

Speaker :. Dr. R. Vigna Kumaran

Total Participants : 46 pax

It is pleased to announce that Professional Development Technical Skill Portfolio of IEM YES has currently come to agreement with Institute of Engineering Technology Younger members section Malaysia to jointly organize activities such as technical talks and visits in 2007-2008 terms. Power Quality talk was the first ground breaking event that was given by Dr. R. Vigna Kumaran, chairman of Younger Members Section, IET Malaysia to Graduate Engineers of both Professional Institutions. It was well attended by 46 junior and senior engineers, and based on their feedback, it was a valuable experience and opportunity to learn on Power Quality Talk.

The talk was divided into two parts, namely Part 1 – Basic of Power Quality Issue, causes and effect, Part 2 – mitigating techniques, voltage harmonic and sagging issue.

In summary, Dr Vigna presented lots of practical case studies that related to Power Industries so that Practical Engineers could understand how’s the motors or generators in factories or power stations to be applied to Power Quality issue, some possible techniques to avoid voltage sagging issue and harmonic effect on the overall system.

Lastly, all the participants are invited to attend coming jointly organized activities in November 2007.

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