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Article for IEM G&S Summit report 2007 (Cont'd)

Prepared by: Jimmy Fam
Blogged by: Lee Mei Ping

Article for IEM G&S Summit report 2007 (Cont'd)

Date : 31st-2nd September 2007

Venue : IEM Sabah Branch

Participants : 3 rep from HQ, 2 rep from Penang Branch, 4 rep from Miri Branch, 8 rep from Sabah, 1 rep from Southern

Day 1 :

All the representatives were introduced to each other and each branch representative was given 20 minutes to present branch report for the last 1 year calendar as shown in photo below :

After the branch report section, all representatives were invited to have tea break that had been prepared by the host. Later, the scheduled was followed by G&S conference where all participants were seriously discussed all the agendas that are going to benefit all IEM graduate engineers and students. Some of the discussed agendas were change of name G&S to YES, membership issue, Hong Kong delegation 2008 and coming YEAFEO 2007 at Philippine. Apart from that, Penang branch was unanimously selected as a host for IEM YES summit 2008. At the end of Conference, all representatives took photo in front of Sabah branch office as shown in photos below:

At night, we were all invited to have dinner at Kampung Nelayan, it was a famous place in Sabah for seafood and Cultural performance. Besides having sumptuous dinner at Kampung Nelayan, we also had a chance to meet some senior IEM members from Sabah branch to exchange some opinions regarding engineering issues. All of us really enjoyed the tasty food and cultural show.

Day 2 :

We all woke up early and our pounding hearts would bring us to Pulau Manukan, one of the favourite spot for diving in Sabah. Water is crystal clear and breathtaking views really free us out from the hustle and bustle of the city. We enjoyed ourselves by having snorkelling and not to forget the Parachuting, some photos below showed that our committee really enjoyed being pulled up to the sky and down to the sea to enjoy the beauty of our nature.

Day 3 :

We bid our farewell to all the representatives and we have promised to see each other at Penang Branch for our G&S Summit 2008.

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