Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Introduction To Vector Drives

Prepared by Hardeep SC
Blogged by Lee Mei Ping

Introduction To Vector Drives

Date : 6th December 2007

Time : 7.00 pm to 9.00 p.m

Venue : IEM Conference Hall, 2nd Floor, Petaling Jaya

Speaker : Mr. Hew Wooi Ping, PhD(Malaya), CEng., PEng.

Total Participants : 41 pax

Dr. Hew, has been working on Vector Drives for the last 13 years, his vast experience was put into public interest via his talk Introduction to Vector Drives. He shared his practical experience and theoretical knowledge with the participants who showed great interest to grasp the information.

The talk was focused into introducing the future trend of application, with the advent of digital processing technologies and power electronics converters. The use of dc-motor drives is far becoming obsolete and is now being replaced by ac-motor vector drives in many applications today. This is fore more true as vector drives attempts to control an ac-motor just like a dc-motor.

Dr. Hew completed the evening talk with a phrase for all participants that reads, “the more you burn, the more you learn”. This phrase has a deep meaning, which interprets, knowledge is only gained with experience and to gain experience you need to try until you succeed. This 3rd joint venture talk with IET was also a success as the previous two events (talk by Dr. Vigna and Mr. Satha).

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