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Penang trip started off early morning at about 8am. We had our breakfast before departing.

Luckily we had breakfast that morning because by the time we reached Penang, it was already late afternoon. We checked into the hotel before we go out again to hunt for food.

Lorong Bangkok was the first place we set our foot at for food! We then went to the famous stall at that lorong.These was the shop where we all waited eagerly for our food. The shop was small to fit in all of us, which is about 12 of us. To eliminate all those hassle

After late lunch, we head over to the tourist destinations at Lorong Bangkok. Here are the few pictures we took while we were there.

We have our group photos before departing.

We head back to the apartment to bath and change before heading out again for dinner.
We had dinner at about 6.30pm. However, as the sun set, dinner was getting more romantic than ever. They have to light up candles for us and I'll call that a candle light dinner for IEM G&S YES.

However, we still enjoyed our lovely dinner which comes with ikan bakar too!

After dinner we continue our journey. The night is still young and since we have a beautiful tourist guide to guide us around Penang, we enjoyed the whole trip with her presence. Let me introduce our lovely tourist guide.

So, on the first night, she brought us over to these few places:

Those are the places we manage to stop by on the first nite. By the time we reached back to the apartment, we were dead tired and went to bed.
We got up very early that morning. Part of the reasons was because there were 12 of us sharing only 2 bathrooms. Those who got ready earlier watched TV while waiting for the rest.

After breakfast, we head over to the Lorong Kulit. A famous place to get stolen stuff. Eventually, they will be selling a shoes instead of a pair of shoes. So, if you have a shoe stolen, u can finda another pair there as well to replace.

We parked our car and head over to the Lorong Kulit. After window shopping at Lorong Kulit we gather at the side to wait for the rest. This is what we did while waiting for the rest to come. Chau Fong offered the keropok which he bought from Lorong Kulit:

Our next stop was the place where they sell cendol. Thirst quencher - Ice Kacang. I'll let Shuhairy and Roland to introduce the place:

Penang Famous Teochew Cendol - Ice Kacang.

However, if you were to add extra, this is what you have to do:

So, we waited after ordering. And since there were 12 of us, we waited a while before the cendol arrives:

We waited eagerly...
And we enjoyed.

Next, to the famous fried kuey tiaw stall:

However, we didn't have the chance to taste them at this stall since the aunty said that we will have to wait for an hour for her to fried the fried kuey tiaw. We headed to the next stall instead. And we were still happy for the food that we had. Don't believe?

After this, we continue our journey to hunt for more food. Because Chau Fong is still hungry lar...

We head over to the place where they sell white curry.

Ever heard of white curry before? Well, let me show you what is it about.

First, you will have the noodle.
Next, you put in the paste
The result : Penang White Curry.
But since everyone was busy talking and chatting and didn't know the actual process of eating the white curry.

We had plain white curry instead.

We only knew the actual process until we almost finished the white curry.

Apart from white curry, we had the steamed chicken too. So you see how much we eat...
After the food, we went to the place to buy some famous food.This is the place:

Next, everyone was eagerly waiting for this. We left some space for the DURIANS!!!

Uncle chose the best durian. And this is the process he on how he open the durians for us:

And this is what he use to open that durian:

We engineers were attracted to how uncle open the durian with the equipment he use.

and it's nice:

We all enjoyed the durian. No one is allergic.

For those who enjoy durian. First, we will have to teach you how to collect durians. I'll let Chau Fong teach you how to collect the durian when the durian falls on the net:

So, guys now if you would like to eat durians, you know how to collect them if it falls on the net ya?
After durians, we head for a walk at the beach.

Fishing is part of the activity to past the time.

We enjoyed the view. The beach view was nice and relaxing. Chee Fui's enjoying it

Batu Maung was our next destination after the walk at the jetty.
We were all so eager to see the foot print.

It's our territory!We conquer the Penang 2nd Bridge! Everyone wanted to declare their territory.

However, we girls were the first to go down and hurried to search for the footprint.

Here's how the place look likes:

This is the view from the top of the temple.
It is a fishing village.

Before leaving, Chee Fui told us that if we are able to get the ball out from the mouth of this lion, you will be very lucky.

However, his mission to get the ball out wasn't successful. He tried so hard on the lucky lion king. I pitied the lucky lion king...
And the place has a very big painting. Didn't you realise the painting look more like some artist? Try figure it out who he looks like. Acted in most of the movie. I'll present Andy Lau...

Next to quench our thirst and also to cool all of us after the heaty durians. The coconuts:

This is Audrey teaching us how to drink the coconut:

This is Wai Keong looking so confused with the drinks even after the lesson by Audrey:

We had dinner that night after the coconut sop and before we went separate ways.

Some went for the meeting with the Penang IEM.

While the rest went to Batu Feringgi to get some pirated VCDs instead.

By the time we reached back to the apartment, it was already late at night. Some decided to have some games but some dozzed off.
We set out early the next day. We had breakfast before heading down Perak to meet up with Perak branch.

After breakfast, we head to the ferry to get back to the land.

By noon, we reached Perak and meet up with the Perak branch. Lunch served at Heritage Hotel,Perak.

Next stop, we had the famous Tau Fu Fah (with the rabbit pushing the stall logo) before heading back to KL. Everyone of us we very satisfied with the tau fu fah.

Our last stop was at the Sg Buloh rest place before we call it a day off.

For those who have not grab their lovely photos, you can click on the link below. Hope you guys enjoyed yourself on this wonderful trip and see you again in the future trips!
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