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Counting down to Year 2009!

Counting down to Year 2009!

With days before the year finally closes, The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia, Graduate and Student, Young Engineers Section are going through a quick recap on what happened throughout Year 2008.

Year 2008 opened with rebranding of IEM G&S as IEM G&S YES. We were formerly known as Graduate and Student Section of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM G&S) but had rebrand ourselves and concurrently launched our new logo.

Young Engineers Night 2008 was held on 25th January 2008 as a gathering to strenghten the fellowship among engineers, both the graduate and students to provide a platform for sharing and changing of ideas. I had earlier thought that The IEM G&S YES would be a normal engineering institution highlighting on talks and seminars for engineers but it was not. The IEM G&S YES not only focusing thoroughly on technical matter but emphasize on both social and community activities equally.

On 21st February 2008, The IEM G&S YES organized talk on the Evolution of Mobile Communications 0G to 4G. It was a jointly organized course by The IEM,G&S, Young Engineers Section together with IET Young Members Section (YMS). This well beneficial talk was attended by 26 engineers.

There were also other beneficial talks organized for the benefit of engineers from the institution. One of the course organized were known as the 2-Day Course on Effective Communication Skills. Engineers are usually synonymous with technical skills but in the current environment, engineers are also expected to have better social skills. One of the most important aspects of the social skills is Public Speaking where one has to speak to the audience effectively. The 2 days course were held on 22nd and 23rd March 2008 to enhance public speaking ability among the engineers.

Throughout Year 2008, The IEM G&S-YES were invited by several universities to give talks and have sharing session on IEM. The crowds were curious and wanting to understand more about The IEM G&S-YES. We assist engineers, both young and old in obtaining their Ir. title.

Of course, apart from all technical talks, we also carry out our responsibilities to get connected to the social and community. We play a vital role in helping those in needs, thus, we organized several community service projects.

Not forgetting the fun we had to several states such as Penang and Ipoh to meet up with Penang Branch and also Ipoh Branch. Apart from meeting, we did not want to miss those opportunities to try out those food there!

And also visit from young engineers from Cambodia and Hong Kong.

Our monthly meeting is held every last Wednesday of the month. We encouraged young engineers volunteering themselves for the section for the coming session. The first monthly meeting chaired by our newly elected chairman, Engr. Ngeow Yen Wan was held on 30th July 2008 where 22 young engineers attended the meeting.

IEM IES meet was also part of the activities in Year 2007/2008. It was held from 12th to 14th July 2008. Around 23 young engineers participated in the meet. During the meet up, there were dialogue session conducted to discuss the ways to cooperate in the coming events. Though the 3 days, 2 nights activities tires us out but we enjoyed ourself very much. We were also given the opportunity to share our views throughout the whole event, with highlighted event such as 'Amazing Race' and also based on certain given engineering related topics.

After the Annual General Meeting was held to appoint the new chairman, we had out Annual Charity Dinner where installations for the new board took place. It was held on 27th September 2008 at Crystal Crown Hotel, Petaling Jaya. This annual charity dinner was partially contributed and donated to the charity.

We are well known as the young and energetic group. How could we miss the educational fun that were conducted. A1GP was an interesting event for all of us. It was held from 21st to 23rd November 2008 at Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia. A jointly organized event with Bhd team for a free tour to A1GP pit garage.

YEAFEO, this year was held from 26th November 2008 till 29th November 2008 in Thailand.

Background of YEAFEO:

YEAFEO was formed on November 9, 1993 in Singapore, pursuant to Article 6 (c) of the joint communiqué of the Governing Board of AFEO.

The Vision:
To be a dynamic and progressive organisation that leads to the development of young engineers in the ASEAN region.

The Mission:
• To promote understanding, goodwill and co-operation among young engineers;
• To promote and exchange ideas, concerns and experiences; and
• To support the purposes and objectives of the AFEO

Lastly, we from The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia, Graduate & Student, Young Engineers Section would like to wish all of you out there Happy New Year 2009!

Thank you for your support to IEM G&S-YES all this while. Together let us strive towards excellence and success as we go along climbing our own career and corporate ladder. With that we look forward for more active participation of young blood in IEM G&S-YES... IEM G&S-YES is HOT TO GO !!!


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