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IEM Family Day

Saturday, May 06, 2009

IEM Family Day '09

IEM Family Day is an event that members look forward to every year. It serves as an avenue for networking among senior and young engineers and is especially helpful for the council members to obtain feedback on IEM activities. It also promotes further advancement for engineers besides fostering closer rapport between members.

All these years, the event had been held at the Tan Sri Mahfoz Khalid Hall in the Public Works Department, Kuala Lumpur except for last year prior to the purchase of Wisma IEM. This year, Taman Jaya Lake Garden, Petaling Jaya was chosen as the venue for this event in conjunction with IEM’s 50th anniversary and in anticipation of a bigger crowd.

The event attracted hundreds of people with IEM members bringing along their family members. The organising committee, led by Engr. Awangku Hidup A. Hossain, comprising senior engineers, lady engineers, Young Engineers Section (YES) committee members and the IEM secretariat had their hands full in attending to the crowd.

Supportive Members: By 9.30 a.m., the registration counter was packed with members registering themselves and their family members.

Engr. Awangku Hidup A. Hossain, who brought along his family members, said it took four months to prepare for the event.

“I am very happy with the turn-out and the very supportive crowd, making this event more meaningful and happening,” he said.

Organising Chairman: Engr. Awangku Hidup A. Hossain giving the welcome address.

There were at least 20 types of challenging and fun games for children and adults with special prizes up for grabs. These included telematches, dartboard game, electric path wire challenge, engineering snake and ladder IQ test and guessing games. Money collected from the dunking machine and games will be used to fund the new Wisma IEM building and IEM Staff Welfare Club Fund respectively.

Among all, the most attractive game that pulled the crowds was the dunking machine whereby the challenger will throw a ball at the targeted point in an attempt to make the participant sitting on top of a tank of water fall into it.

Father and Son: Engr. Noor Hisham challenging his son to throw the ball at the target while he sat on top of the tank of water.

Little Angel on the move: This young girl was seen hopping in the air as she raced to the end of the line.

IEM has hired a caterer to set up food stalls serving local favourites such as nasi lemak, roti jala served with chicken curry, fried noodles, satay, ais kacang and many other delicious foods. One of the guests, Miss Phuar was impressed with the efficient waiters at serving the thirsty crowd with drinks.

‘I am impressed by how responsive and fast the waiters serve drinks to the crowd even though we are at another canopy far away from the food stalls,’ she said.

The lady engineers gave their support by setting up stalls selling handy crafts and providing body-painting services. Many children, accompanied by their parents, and youngsters were seen lining up eagerly at the body-painting stall, hoping to get a nice picture painted on their face or arm or hand.

Flower Ladies: The ladies showing off their beautifully-painted flower art on their hands.

Are you ready? : The Young Engineers Section committee members getting the young challengers psyched up for the telematches.

Here we go! One, Two, One… : Young Engineers Section committee members having fun during one of the telematches.

Cheerful Clown: This clown was busy turning colourful balloons into attractive shapes and sizes for children and adults alike.

IEM President: Y. Bhg. Dato’ Engineer Professor Dr. Chuah Hean Teik presenting his speech.

Newly-elected IEM President, Y. Bhg. Dato’ Engineer Professor Dr. Chuah Hean Teik thanked the IEM Family Day 2009 organising committee and IEM secretariat staff for their hard work in organizing the event and ensuring its success. He also extended his appreciation to Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MPPJ) for allowing IEM to utilise the lake garden and sponsors for their generous contributions.

In his speech, the President expressed hope that members will continue supporting IEM and enhance the image of engineers by contributing to the development of the country. He also urged members to participate actively in IEM’s activities.

After his speech, Y. Bhg. Dato’ Engineer Professor Dr. Chuah Hean Teik conferred the ‘Honorary Member of IEM’ award to Master Yeoh Tong Eng - a 97-year-old Wai Dan Gong instructor - before giving away prizes to winners of the games.

The Champion of today’s matches is… : The IEM secretariat was announced as the overall champion team for the telematches.

The event ended at 2.00 p.m. IEM members and guests went home with sweet memories embedded into their hearts and looking forward to next year for yet another wonderful IEM Family Day.

The author, as the Chairperson of the IEM Young Engineers Section (YES), would like to take this opportunity to thank the YES committee members and engineering student members from UTAR, Uniten and UiTM for their support and effort in organising the games and telematches and thus, making this event a successful one in conjunction with IEM’s 50th Anniversary.

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