Thursday, October 15, 2009

Continuous Community Service by IEM-YES

Continuous Community Service by IEM-YES

The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia - Young Engineers Section (IEM-YES) made a visit to the Palebar Orang Asli Village in Negeri Sembilan on 22nd August 2009 . The purpose of the visit was to distribute food to the settlement during the Ramadhan month.

The IEM-YES team was greeted by Tok Batin (Head of Village) and about 100 villagers upon arriving at the settlement at 3 pm.

Figure 1: The IEM-YES team being greeted by Tok Batin (second from right) at their community hall.

During the opening ceremony, Engr. Roland, Chairman of the IEM-YES, informed that the visit to the settlement was one of IEM-YES’ continuous community service efforts. He also mentioned that the distribution of food was made possible with the kind sponsorship of Ir. Wong.

Figure 2: Engr. Roland giving the opening speech

Engr. Roland took the opportunity to thank Engr. Lee Cheng Pay’s father, who lives in a nearby town, for arranging the visit. He was also present during the opening ceremony.

Figure 3: Villagers present at the event

After the opening ceremony, Engr. Shuhairy, Engr. Lee Cheng Pay and Sdr. Navinderan joined Engr. Roland in presenting packages that contained rice, cooking oil, sugar and canned food to families at the settlement.

Figure 4: Engr. Lee Cheng Pay (left), Engr. Shuhairy and Sdr. Navinderan

Tok Batin was happy with the visit and he thanked the IEM-YES team for their effort in reaching out to the settlement. As a token of appreciation, he presented the team with a basket full of fresh vegetables planted by the villagers.

Figure 5: Group Photo with Villagers

The event ended at 4.30 pm with the IEM-YES team taking a group photo with the villagers.

prepared by Engr. Roland

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