Tuesday, November 03, 2009

YPA Paintball Game

YPA Paintball Game

What is YPA? It is a common term among YES members which stands for Young Professional's Alliance. You'll get to mingle around with many different professionals for sport activities this time unlike Young Professional's Night.

This year's sports activity is decided to be Paintball Game which will take place in Bukit Jalil.

Following are some details about the event:

The details of the paintball game:

1. Date : 14 November 2009, Saturday

2. Time : 9am – 11am

3. Venue : Bukit Jalil, Xtion Paintball Park

If interested please contact Engr. Teoh, 012-479 3324 or Engr. Yau, 012- 609 4106.

First come first served.

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