Monday, December 28, 2009

Natural Resources for Pondok Penyayang Raudah

Natural Resources for Pondok Penyayang Raudah

Last Friday, 18th Dec 2009 was a very meaningful day where love is felt all over in Pondok Penyayang Raudah. The water tanks and pipes were successfully laid and installed - 250 m from hill top through stream and forest down to the houses.

This is the place where our mission "possible" to be

Many thanks to UM students and young engineers who are willing to spend time on this project. Following are some snapshots:

the magical pipe that transfers water from hill top to the destination

It's not an easy job since it's very long, thick and heavy

Pipe is not the only equipment we need, there are another 2 tanks to install...BIG ONE

The tank is not so heavy after all

Take a break, cheese...we got job to do...go go go!

Finally, we're standing in the eyes of hilltop with Tank to store water

Pipe is important as a connector, YES, we're getting closer to the destination

The skillful engineer is doing the pipework

Group photo of the crews today. Mission Accomplished~

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