Thursday, April 01, 2010

PDP versus CPD

PDP versus CPD

After i attended monthly meeting of IEM G&S-YES yesterday, only i get to know that IEM has just implemented PDP against graduate engineers.

Many young engineers nowadays are more aware about IEM and BEM but not the lengthy application to become PE (Professional Engineer) behind. To become an engineer in Malaysia like many other countries, of course after graduated from degree engineering course one should first registered under BEM (Board of Engineers, Malaysia). What's more after that? If you're not member of IEM G&S-YES, perhaps you may not know more about the route to PE.

Recently IEM has just launched PDP which is known as Professional Development Point. Correct me if i'm wrong :) A total of 66 points need to be collected before you take PE. How can one collect points then? It's by attending activities organized by Young Engineers Section like meetings, socials activities or professional development courses. So it's an implementation to encourage graduate young engineers nowadays to join more activities instead of spending most of the time on working. Hey, there are lots of thing to learn outside the world than sitting in the office!

CPD on the other hand known as Continual Professional Development is applicable to those who already taken PE. Concept is the same as PDP. It's just to ensure Professional Engineers continue to develop their knowledge and skills eventhough they are pass to be a PE.

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