Thursday, October 07, 2010

Route to PE Talk at Gamuda

In the professional industry, professional title is awarded by the regulatory body to those who have gained sufficient experience and expertise and have maintained good practice in their industry. Professional title like “Ar.” and “Sr.” are awarded to professional architects and professional surveyors respectively. What about the Engineers who are also in the professional profession? Professional Engineers in Malaysia are awarded by our local regulatory body; Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) by giving an entitlement of “Ir.” (To be read and pronounced as “ingenieur”).
Ir. Yau is presenting on “Route to P.E”.

So what is Ir.? Benefits of having this professional title is frequently asked and subsequently how to obtain this professional status?

In order to create the knowledge and awareness amongst young Engineers, The Young Engineers Section of The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM YES) is embarking on a Route to P.E Route road show around Malaysia. The first stop was Gamuda Engineering Sdn. Bhd., which was successfully held in the 1st Floor, Ruby Room, Gamuda Learning Centre on 25th September 2010 with the full participation of 21 young engineers from various Gamuda Berhad’s subsidiaries.

Great job! Full house of Young Engineers.

The talk ended at 12.00pm with refreshments. There were positive feedback from the young engineers after attending the talk and some of the young engineers even started their first step in the route to P.E by joining IEM Graduate Member right on spot!

On behalf of IEM G&S-YES, we would like to address our appreciation to Gamuda Engineering Sdn. Bhd. and we look forward to have such similar events in the future for the development of the young Engineers toward their professional status.

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