Wednesday, January 26, 2011

AAER Certificate Presentation Ceremony

On 1st December 2010, in Hanoi, Vietnam, the first 43 young engineers from 8 countries had their applications approved as AERYE during the 20th AER Commission Meeting and 28th AFEO Governing Board Meeting.

We now calling for all young engineers in the whole ASEAN Countries, to register in AERYE and will be recognize as Associated ASEAN Engineers Register (AAER). We are targeting to register 10,000 ASEAN young engineers for 2011 to: -

1. To provide a complete data of young engineers within ASEAN with an ultimate purpose of facilitating their mobility within the ASEAN common market and borderless production base and to establish a framework of mutual recognition of qualification in order to allow young engineers who wish to practice outside their home country.

2. To provide sufficient data regarding the information of individual young engineers for the benefit of prospective employers.

3. To encourage a continuous up scaling of the quality of engineers by setting, monitoring and reviewing standards.

4. To promote cultural and professional links among ASEAN Young Engineers.

5. To enhance the wealth creation process of ASEAN member-countries.

For your information, registration if FREE.
Interested to register to become one of the ASEAN engineers?
Download the form here.

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