Saturday, January 22, 2011

An Application Engineer's Story

Why taking up engineering? Simply because it is a man-dominating field. I start taking it as a challenge since i was in high school time. Besides, I love Mathematics. Every single solution boils down to fine steps. With mathematics, it leads me to physics in which there are formulas to memorize. Physics is the fundamental part to engineering.

Right before entering university one has to choose which course to study and i chose CAD/CAM engineering over the other courses. First glance at the course, i have no idea what it is all about. A special course which is only offered in University Malaya. It is an abbreviation of Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing. The longest course name among the rest. Of course i did not choose due to the length of name but the specialty provided in this course which comprise of multiple elements like computer designing and manufacturing engineering elements. I strongly believe this field will shine in engineering market.

First day of my engineering class, the guys outnumbered the girls as expected. Girls are only about 10% of the whole class. Knowing CAD/CAM engineering is not well-known, some of my coursemates stopped and even changed course after 1 year but it does not affect the rest. My study life was not fully occupied by books and lectures. Through some networking i got to know some engineers who drive me into engineering field. If not because of them i would not be an engineer today.

Right after finishing 4 years' study, i move on to working life although government was giving out scholarships to post-graduates by that time. I am so excited to work as an engineer and wondered how would that be. After several interviews, finally i settled down to an Autodesk software retailer company to work something related to what i studied. I am currently working as an application engineer. There are not much formulas or calculation in my work though. My job is mostly to deal with software application whereby using software to generate engineering drawings. Whatever man made equipments, automotive or high rised building around us are all started from pieces of drawings which are drawn in software.

In this company I am exposed to various designing software. I am not only doing project drawings but also training users to use software which is the best part of this job. Imagine users who applied what they learned in the training into their work to create wonders. From nothing to something. You will feel satisfied that you have changed them which brings profits to their company. Do not underestimate these changes as they also change our economics as a whole. Now it sounds big. With that said there is no way that i want to stop being an engineer as i am contributing to my beloved land.

Engr. Mei Wong
Application Engineer
i-Gentech Sdn Bhd

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