Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"My Engineering Story" Competition

In conjunction with IEM EW 2011 (Engineering Week), we are conducting a competition “my engineering story”.

We encourage story writing of 400-500 words about your engineering story.

3 winners of this competition will be sponsored a flight ticket to Kuching.

How & where to start? You can start with answering one or two of this question.

I believe if you can answer min 5 question from all these, then you can compile them as a complete story:

1) When is the first time you think you want to become an engineer? how it happen?

2) What make your interested to become an engineer?

3) What is your first perception about engineers?

4) What is your first day perception in your first day of engineering class? Story of first engineering class?

5) Express your feeling in your last day of engineering class in your university?

6) Your engineering graduation day story? What happen in that day?

7) What is your first day story as engineer?

8) What make you feel prove to become an engineers?

9) What make you smile when working as engineers?

10) 10 reason of why I should become an engineers?

Let's contribute your ideas now and inspire the rest.

For further details please download the brochure.

IEM Young Engineers Section


Anonymous said...

when is the due date?

Anonymous said...

Hi there please check out the brochure

shuhairy said...

due date is 15 feb 2011

AZAM said...

bahasa melayu boleh x?

IEM G&S-YES said...

Malay or English are all welcomed