Monday, February 28, 2011

YES Leaders Note: Celebrating Chinese New Year, a year of rabbit

Today is last day of February 2011. As a shorter month of the year, in this month also we were celebrating Chinese New Year and Birthday of Prophet Muhammad. On 15 February 2011, IEM YES organized a CNY Gathering for YES committee and volunteers and also for the secretariat of IEM. As in 1 Malaysia concept, YES keep continuing celebrating for all festival in Malaysia.
In YES, we always put a communication as main factor in dealing with all graduate and student members. We divide our communication ways into to blog, email group, facebook, meeting and also via phone. Of course for IEM itself, a official website is best approach of delivering information to all members.

For YES always blog is our focus. Our blog , is where we communicate with others for our upcoming activities and report of activities. Currently we divide the blog to four (4) parts. Upcoming events announcement, events report, professional engineers Question and Answer and finally a leader note. As events announcement and reports mostly about activities we had. For Professional Engineers Q&A, a series of compilation question and answer about the membership drive and route to professional engineers will be established. Leaders note will be more focus a direct communication from committee to members. Usually it’s explaining details of concern from members about YES. Last month we touch about what volunteers can gain from IEM YES. This month, we will discuss about how communication happen in IEM YES.

Email in YES. Our so call official email for YES committee is It’s will be directly to YES committee. Of course, for dealing with IEM secretariat is the best and for IEM YES secretariat is .

We have three (3) mailing list in IEM YES. is a closed email group for YES committee and co-opted members. This is main mailing list to us to discuss and make decision for our activities. Meanwhile, mainly is list of group of past YES committee and volunteers or we called YES Alumni. Finally, the most important, mailing list is where we email the announcement of activities to graduates and students.

Facebook, become more influence communication platform in this era. You can search IEM G&S, YES for YES facebook. As function of facebook to connect all people and have a sharing of pictures, information and etc, it’s become a more important to YES.

Our monthly meeting also a important place to communicate with all committee and volunteers. The meeting also becomes a place to get more details information for activities. New volunteers also usually come to monthly meeting to get to know the committee and others young engineers and students. Our monthly meeting is on last Wednesday every month at 7.45pm.

The aim of all this communication methods mainly to get to members closer and fast as it can. With these several of channel for communication in YES, we need more into the team. I would like to call for volunteers those who can work from far as YES blogger, YES email announcer, and YES Facebook coordinator. We welcome you to family to taste the enjoyment of big family of young engineers and students.

IEM Young Engineers Section wishing you and your family Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year 2011. May the rabbit year will be a prosperous year for all of you.
As others young engineers committee celebrating CNY Gathering at IEM with secretariat at IEM, I can’t manage to join them. It’s just for one and only reason: I just become a father on 15 February 2011. ;)

Engr. Shuhairy Norhisham
Young Engineers Section
The Institution of Engineers Malaysia

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