Saturday, April 09, 2011

National Summit 2011

24th – 27th Mar 2011 is marked as the dates for YES annual National Summit. It is an annual event which is held to gather branches from all around Malaysia. They are branches from Peninsular like Kedah/Perlis, Penang, Perak, KL, Terengganu and Johor whereas East Malaysia we have branches from Sabah, Miri and Sarawak. Sarawak branch, Kuching is proud to be the host this year. Representatives who are interested in this event have booked their flights earlier.

On the first day, participants arrived in airport and gladly welcomed by the organizing committees that are led by Engr. Ron Aldrino Chan @ Ron Buking. Later we were brought to check in Penview Inn, Kuching. There are about 50 participants from all branches.

Next day, organizers arranged technical visit to DUN (Dewan Undangan Negeri) in the morning. We are briefed about the history and structure of the building by the person in charged. It is excited to learn so much about the magnificent construction of the building. After the briefing, we got the chance to visit inside DUN. Next stop will be technical site visit to Sewage Treatment Plant. The consultant, project engineer and owner of project are invited to explain about the whole system of plant. Question and answer are followed after that. At night, we had seafood with Sarawak Branch Main Committees at Top Spot Seafood and souvenir hunting thereafter.

The third day would be a formal session held in UNIMAS. Career talk and seminar are conducted by each branches’ representatives. There are about 100 students from local secondary schools attended the career talk. To increase awareness on conducting membership drive, there is a session namely training of trainers (TOT) conducted by YES KL. In the afternoon, we had inter-branch meeting at Bilik Senat UNIMAS. We discussed about the activities that have been conducted in the past session. Reports are presented by every branch. In the meeting, we agreed to use Facebook as the main medium for inter-branches’ communication. All agreed to let event host to decide for registration fee amount and Southern branch has been voted as the next host for National Summit. YES KL also announced next year’s resolution to create Malaysia’s Book of Record which is to have the 555th meeting on top of Mount Kinabalu. At night, a closing dinner combined with IEM Sarawak branch cum Engineering Week is held at Four Points Hotel.

Before we departed back on the last day, we still have time for souvenir hunting at Satok Market which is well known for its souvenir varieties and wet market. At 3pm, we boarded the plane happily.

Prepared and posted by Engr. Mei Wong

Monday, April 04, 2011

Professional Business Writing Skills

This course aims to provide participants with a set of skills and awarenesses which they can use with immediate effect. These skills and awarenesses are:
• Transferring spoken input into written material
• Understanding the progression from the beginning of the document to the end
• Knowing in which type of documents to use the Active or Passive Voice
• Using phraseology which is stylistically appropriate
• Knowing how to connect various points in order to present the best possible impact and therefore, the best possible outcome
• Knowing how to use the different past tenses in a way which promotes
accuracy and immediate understanding
• Knowing how the various components of letters and reports fit together and flow into each other

Event Details as follows:
Date: 9th – 10th MAY 2011
Time: 8.00 am – 5.00 pm

Speaker: Dr. Alistair King

Tan Sri Prof. Chin Fung Kee Auditorium,
3rd Floor,
Wisma IEM, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Who should attend
Anyone who has to supervise, contribute to or edit business documents.

What will they learn
Participants will learn how to write /edit / fine-tune documents which are concise, cohesive, grammatically accurate and stylistically appropriate. Grammatical forms and stylistic concepts will be introduced and practised throughout the course.

How will they learn
This course will consist of trainer presentation, individual and group writing tasks with presentations to plenary. Authentic material and case studies will form a large proportion of the course materials. If possible, documents produced by the participants should be provided so that the course materials can be customized to the participants’ benefit.

Interested? Please send your details/enquiry to Ms. Thilaga at and puvan at

Prepared By: Engr. Puvanesan
Post By: Engr. Wong Yoke Mei