Saturday, July 09, 2011

Professional Engineer Q&A: Part 7

Professional Engineer Q&A: Part 7

Q11: My boss is a P.Eng. but not a MIEM? What should I do?

Your proposer is an IEM member and he can initial and sign for you. The very fact that your proposer has signed your form means lie has vouched for you and lie will be able to answer any queries about you. Your Boss, can initial the forms on the training experience but he cannot be your proposer. The proposer will then counter endorse your boss' signature.
Normally, the boss to whom you are serving, will initial your working experience and the proposer will be required to counter endorse his statement.

Q12: How do I get a proposer?

The proposer must be someone who knows you well. He can be a friend or your employer.

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