Monday, August 22, 2011

Professional Engineer Q&A: Part 12

Professional Engineer Q&A: Part 12

Q21: Can my employer appoint a mentor for me?
Yes, if you are unable to secure one yourself.

Q22: What happens if my mentor discontinues before the three years is up?
You should write to IEM and a new mentor can be approved.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Event: Speed Dating 18th Aug 2011

Speed Dating especially for professionals,from professionals~

*Date : 18 August 2011 (Thursday)

Time : 6.00 p.m.

Venue : IEM

Registration Closing details only.
Organisers will be available at this place and time to answer any questions.
Event details will be informed via Email by 6th September 2011.

“Love isn't something you learn.
It isn't something you just receive.
Love isn't something you learn in school
Love is something you show
Love is something you'll always know “

Fee includes: Welcome Drink , Finger Food.
please fill the form attached and sent with payment to IEM before 18th August 2011

*Paid up participants will be emailed the details of their speed dating event by 6th September 2011. If you are unable to make that time, you will be offered another time, etc. If we are unable to provide you with a suitable event, you will be refunded your participation fee in full.

For details, kindly contact IEM Secretariat at 03-7968 4021

Professional Engineer Q&A: Part 11

Professional Engineer Q&A: Part 11

Q19: How many candidates can a mentor have at any one time?
Each mentor is only allowed to have a maximum of 3 candidates at a time.

Q20: How do I secure a mentor?
IEM is able to assist in identifying suitable mentors, especially for specialized disciplines where shortage of such Professional Engineers exist.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Professional Engineer Q&A: Part 10

FAQs on Log Book Scheme (LBS)

Q17: Can I submit backdated recording of experience?
This is a question of discretion. Some mentors may consider this if the graduate shows sufficient proof of his previous work experience.

Q18: What is the time period?
The LBS scheme requires a total of 3 years, unlike the conventional system of 4 years.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Event Report: IEM YES Retreat '11 Colmar Tropicale

The front door view of Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi

On 25th and 26th of June 2011, IEM Young Engineers’ Section managed to have the very first gathering at Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. That was our first time ever to have event organized at the well known French Village in Pahang. It was a simple yet joyful gathering as a kickstart for the new session of 2011/2012. There were about 16 committees included some UNITEN students joined us all.

Cloudy weather at Colmar but fortunately just drizzling

Chit chating at the top of Colmar Tropicale

On 25th June 2011, we gathered at IEM Building early morning before departing up to Colmar Tropicale. We had simple breakfast together at the “mamak” stall next to IEM building while waiting for the rest to come. Whole journey took us about 1 and a half hour to reach destination. At 10.30am, we boarded the tour bus which fits about 15 people to bring us to Japanese tea garden.

Group Picture at Tea Garden

There are many species of plants and Japanese costume to be tried there. After that, we proceed to check in to the resort and have a good rest. Our informal meeting commenced at 3pm after lunch. First item to discuss is about how to improve past session and revise the current portfolios we have in the board. All are encouraged to voice out opinions. Following is the outcome of portfolio and respective directors:

Portfolios Director

Professional Development: Engr. Steven Chin
Student Affair: Engr. Madhav
Graduate Affair: Engr. Puvanesan
External Affair: Engr. Lee Cheng Pay
Publicity: Engr. Aswad
Social and Community Service: Engr. Amierul

After having dinner and watching magic show at the French Village, we had exciting game together which is passing down for generations- MAFIA. It is a game to strengthen bond and to know each other better. We started the game at 9pm and ended at 3am. It was fun!

Night View at Colmar Tropicale

Next day on 26th June 2011, we had a semi-formal meeting at the meeting room in Colmar. Engr. Shuhairy bin Norhisham, the current chairman started off by welcoming all who managed to join the meeting. We were glad to have Engr. Yau Chau Fong, past YES chairman to join us in the meeting as well. Items to discuss were about events to organize in coming session for every portfolio.

Committees are paying attention during meeting

Puven is presenting for Graduate Affair Portfolio's coming activities

It was a brainstorming session where everyone gets to sit together and brainstorm all possible ways to carry out events and attract crowds to join. Ideas are all noted down in Mahjong paper and then presented by all directors followed by comments by the rest. Highlights of the discussion would be on how to increase number of IEM graduate members. There are many interesting ideas suggested for example through auto-upgrading student members’ status upon graduation, increasing membership drive in universities and etc. Of course we will look into ways to realize them. About 2pm, we stopped for a break and took committee photo together. Then discussion was continued and adjourned at 5.30pm.

Group photo together during break time

It was a successful event organized to have all enthusiastic committees to join and have fun together which is YES spirit! Kudos for the coming session.

Prepared by Engr. Mei Wong
Posted by Engr. Mei Wong