Sunday, September 18, 2011

Professional Engineer Q&A: Part 14

Q25: What happens when a graduate trains under a non corporate member?
In such cases, he may have problems with his training. This LBS will safeguard the candidate. For example, a candidate could be trained by a senior engineer, who is not a corporate member of the Institution, but this senior engineer may have an immediate supervisor who is a member and who could provide the necessary guidance on training. Or maybe the candidate could get someone who is a corporate member to be his mentor and someone who can guide and make sure that the non corporate member who is training the candidate is providing the suitable and approved training experience.

Q26: What would happen if I am told to do some periods of non engineering work by my employer?
One way to overcome this is that you inform your mentor that you are doing non-engineering works for that period and stop the log-book recording for that period.

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