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Event: YEAFEO '11 In Brunei

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque is a royal Islamic mosque located in Bandar Seri Begawan, capital of the Sultanate of Brunei

It is YEAFEO again! Time to meet the Asean Engineers!! This year YEAFEO will be held from 27th November till 30th November 2011 at The Rizqun International Hotel, Brunei.

What is YEAFEO? It stands for Young Engineers of Asean Federation of Engineering Organization. It is the ASEAN young engineers annual gathering participate by representatives from ASEAN countries particularly the engineers from respective institution of engineers just like IEM. Few days' events comprise of board meeting, technical visit and of course, leisure activities around the city.

This year’s YEAFEO held at The Green Heart of Borneo, Brunei - A Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures, after Vietnam last year. Come join us to be part of the Malaysian delegates. What you need to do is to check out the flight! We recommend you to book on the following date as we did.
26th Nov 2011- Depart from KL to Brunei
2nd Dec 2011 - Depart from Brunei to KL

After booking your flight tickets, please send us your booking details before 26th October 2011 and we will help you to arrange the accommodation.

For more detail of YEAFEO, please check out:

The itinerary are as following, subject to changes according to the YEAFEO Organising committees.
Date Place/Event
26-Nov-11 06.45am Fly from Malaysia
09.05am Arrive Brunei
One Day Visit to Temburung National Park (Optional)

Temburung National Park

27-Nov-11 Arrival of Delegates/ Participant
Golf Game
Registration of Delegates/ Participants
Welcome Reception Dinner

28-Nov-11 YEAFEO Meeting
Spouse Program

29-Nov-11 Opening Ceremony & Keynote Speechs
Technical Conference
Spouse Program

30-Nov-11 Country Report
Tech Seminars
Tech Visit
Closing Ceremony Dinner

1-Dec-11 One day trip to Labuan OR (Optional)
One day trip to Miri (Optional)

2-Dec-11 03.55pm Fly from Brunei
06.10pm Arrive Malaysia

On budget wise, apart from the Air Fare, we recommend you to prepare yourself with the budget as the following:
Item Currency Total (RM)
Flight Excluded:
YEAFEO Registration L/S USD 60 186.00
Accomodation (per pax) 6 BND 40 600.00
Temburong day trip (Optional) L/S BND 130 325.00
Labuan Day trip/ Miri day trip (Optional) L/S MRY 250.00

Total 1,361.00
*1 USD = 3.10, 1BND = 2.50

You might find the budget is high; therefore, you are having an option to join us on the item marked as optional.

Let’s decide now and be part of Malaysia delegates! What you need to do is just, book you Air Fare now and send your booking itinerary to YES to confirm your attendance!

For further details please contact Engr. LEE CHENG PAY at OR 017-3656 288

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