Sunday, December 18, 2011

Professional Engineer Q&A: Part 19

Q34: How would I know if my course is accredited by the BEM and the IEM?

There are many levels of recognition accorded by the BEM and the IEM on the various
engineering courses. It is best to check with the IEM Secretariat on the status of your course on an individual basis.

Q35: I am still a Student member of the IEM although I have graduated a few years ago. I understand that there is no obligation for us to transfer our membership grade. Would I encounter any problems later on?

You would not have any problems whatsoever, except that you would be charged a higher fee than a Graduate member when applying to sit for the Professional Interview. Please note that even though you are a Student member, you are still required to pay the subscription fees of a Graduate member once you are 24 years old.

You are required by the Registration of Engineers Act to register yourself with BEM as a Graduate Engineer. In the eyes of BEM your professional experience starts from the date of your letter of approval from BEM. You may decide to apply to sit for your Professional Engineer ten years after your graduation, but you can only apply to become a Professional Engineer with BEM, at least three years from the date of your letter of approval.

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