Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Professional Engineer Q&A: Part 21

Q38: I have just graduated from a Bachelor of Engineering course from an institution recognised
by the IEM and I understand that my course was an accredited one. I am now taking up a full time Master Degree course. I would like to join the IEM, but should I apply as a Student or a Graduate member?

Since you already have an accredited first degree in engineering, you should apply to be a Graduate member. But you can apply to pay the fees of a Student member by forwarding proof from your current head of department that you are a full time student of a Masters programme.

Q39: How would I know if my course is accredited by the BEM and the IEM?

There are many levels of recognition accorded by the BEM and the IEM on the various
engineering courses, updated at regularly. It is best to check with the IEM Secretariat on the
status of your course.

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