Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Professional Engineer Q&A: Part 22

Q40: I have just submitted my application to transfer my membership grade from Student to
Graduate. At about the same time, I received a notice from the IEM to pay my subscription fees
for the coming year. Should I wait until my application is approved before I pay?

No, you should first pay the amount stated in the notice sent to you. The IEM would bill the
difference once your membership transfer is approved.

Q41: I graduated from a renowned foreign university in 80s. However, I did not apply for
registration with BEM until the 90s. The application was suspended as I could not produce a
transcript requested by BEM due to the long time lapse. I wish to apply for graduate membership with IEM now.

Your application cannot be accepted. Without registration with BEM, your practice is deemed
illegal from statutory obligation aspect. You could have been more persistent in obtaining your
transcript to complete your registration with BEM. IEM welcomes your resubmission when ready.

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