Saturday, July 14, 2012

YES on top of Mount Kinabalu!

A trip which was planned 1 year back finally rolled in action. Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in South-East Asia with Low’s Peak at 4,095m above sea level. YES had planned for its 555th meeting on top of Mount Kinabalu and was carried out on 25th till 28th May 2012. A group of 18 diversified young and energetic engineers participated in this adventure. With YES engineers’ coorperation, a record was made on top of KK mount. Special thanks to Engr. Shuhairy and Engr. Mah Way Sheng for the arrangement which made it a successful trip.

View from Plane Before landing

A group photo Sabah International Airport
On 25th May 2012, we departed from LCCT at 1025am and reached at 1pm at Kota Kinabalu International Airport. After taking a group photo at airport, we took a taxi towards hotel and checked in. The hotel we stayed is a strategic place in town with food and convenience store. We spent the day time to explore Kota Kinabalu busy city centre and “jalan-jalan cari makan”. Night time, we were invited by Sabah branch to have a dinner at WISMA IEM. We met up with the YES committees of Sabah branch and got to mingle around. It was then followed by the short presentation of their activities by Shevon Chia, the Sabah YES chairlady. After that we had a short mamak session at nearby restaurant.
Shevon Chia presented about IEM YES sabah
Engr. Shuhairy received token of appreciation from IEM YES Sabah Branch Advisor
A group photo with Sabah YES committees before leaving
Next day, we woke up early morning at 7am and gathered at hotel lobby to wait for van to pick us. It took us about 2 hours to reach the hill of Mount KK. After registered ourselves at the hill and collected name tag, we headed to Mesilau gate which is known to be a more difficult trail but is rich with scenic view of flora and fauna. At the start point of Mesilau Gate, we were offered to get Portals for carrying backpacks. There was a briefing about the trail by the Portal Leader. We were informed that it is 8km from Mesilau Gate to Laban Rata (place to rest before continue). Before starting, we do warm up together and again took group photo. We were very excited before the climb as this is the day that we will conquer the mountain! At 1030am, we started the journey.
Group photo at Gate Mesilau before starting the long journey
Found a small waterfall and again we took group photo
View along the summit trail
After 8 hours of continuous hiking, we arrived at Laban Rata. A tiring journey but worthwhile when we see the magnificent panoramic view. We were on top of the clouds. First thing in mind is to grab some food at the restaurant. It was a big crowd in the restaurant as everyone seems to reach at the same time.
View of Sunset from Laban Rata
After buffet dinner, it was already dark outside so we had to depend on torchlight to find way to hostel nearby. At 9pm, we had a short meeting among committees to accomplish our 555th meeting then sleeping after that. On 27th May 2012, we woke up about 1.30am for simple breakfast and a preparation for next climb to the peak. We checked that the temperature was 7 deg Celsius. Due to the cold weather, we had to wear thick jacket, gloves, scarf and some with cap to have more heat insulation for body. It was still very dark at this hour, therefore everyone brought along a headlamp. After a short briefing, we continued our journey to the peak. It was a long staircase. Despite the pain at leg muscle, we had to go on. After about 1 hour staircase journey, we reached to a rope climbing part then a slope walking all the way to the peak. Halfway, we reached to a station to register ourselves.
Sun rise at Low's Peak
The 1 Ringgit note's moutain
About 5.30am, finally we reached to the peak and just in time to see the sun rise. We could hear the camera snapping sound every second on the Low’s Peak. Not forgotten we had to complete another task on top which is to form the LED light ONE MALAYSIA LOGO. With cooperation from each other, we were able to make it. After that we hiked down the mount and collected our backpack from hostel. About 430pm, we touched down at bottom of mount. We were all awarded a certificate as an appreciation to our spirit.
The legendary Low's Peak
The 1 Malaysia Logo that we planned to do on top of Mount K before sun rise
On 28th May 2012, we boarded flight at 11am back to Kuala Lumpur. It was indeed a tough but enjoyable journey. Also it is lucky to have a group of friends to encourage each other along the way to continue hiking. One with perseverance and determined only can reach the peak just like how we deal with life. Hopefully we could have another hiking activity soon.

Prepared by Engr. Mei

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