Wednesday, July 17, 2013

IEM Engineering Week is back!

Guess who's back?! IEM Engineering Week's back!

What is IEM Engineering Week?
A one-week programme will be arranged to promote engineering actively and covering all aspects; the challenges, professionalism, the exciting working environment and the wide career options available to engineers.

Why is IEM Engineering Week organized? 
IEM Engineering week is organised to introduce and promote the engineering profession to the general public and the contribution of Engineers in Scientific and Technology Development.

Who are the target groups from IEM Engineering Week?
The target groups for these strategies are organizations, engineers, universities and schools.

What are the events lined up for IEM Engineering Week?
There are 2 events : Engineering Invention & Innovation Expo (EINIX) & Engineer's Run

EINIX - Register here!

Engineer's Run - Register here!

Please visit the official website of IEM Engineering Week for more info!

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