Thursday, August 22, 2013

Job Interview Seminar by IEM UCSI Student Section

Facing a job/internship interview needs its own strategies to be successful. Even qualified candidates sometimes fail the interview step due to the unpreparedness or lack of strategies for such interviews. As the job application world gets more competitive, students are urged to acquire the necessary skills in order to win such interview.

In accordance with that thinking, the Engineering Students’ Association (ESA IEM Student Section) conducted the Job Interview Seminar on the 27th of July, 2013 at the Le Quadri Ballroom at the North Wing Campus of UCSI. The seminar aimed at preparing students for job/internship interview. Around 30 students from various faculties participated in the seminar.
The seminar was officiated by Ahmad as the Chairperson, and officiated by Engr. Joelle Mah as the Advisor of ESA. It was started by the first talk, “The Engineering Profession”, presented by Engr. Vivekasugha Alif Gunaalan of the Young Engineers Section of Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM).

The first talk was targeted for the engineering students among the participants. The talk was to prepare the engineering the students what kind of job they would be doing. The seminar then proceeded to the second talk, “Job Interview Preparation”, presented by Mr. Edmund Teh of He discussed strategies to face such interview in order to familiarize them with the current situation of the working world, and how they need to prepare themselves in order to successfully compete with other applicants.

Participants then proceeded to the mock interview session, in which they were being interviewed by Mr. Edmund Teh and Mr. Tim Lee from, as if the participants were applying for a job. This session was meant to familiarize the students of the interview process, and how they were supposed to apply the strategies in answering the questions. By the end of the event, students gained more ideas about the engineering profession, and developed strategies in applying for a job/internship, especially in terms of facing the interview process.

Officiating Speech by ESA Advisor Engr. Joelle Mah

Engineering Profession Talk by Engr. Vivekasugha of IEM-YES
Participants attentively listening to the Enginering Profession Talk

Group photo of Interview Seminar Participants
Job Interview Preparation Talk by Mr Edmund Teh of Jobstreet

Job Interview Preparation Talk by Mr Edmund Teh of Jobstreet
Mr Edmund Teh of Jobstreet asks the participants "Are you ready to get hired?"
Mock Interview Sessions with participants
Mock Interview Sessions with participants
Mock Interview Sessions with participants
Mock Interview Sessions with participants
By Sdr. Sheilla Minerva Banu @ IEM UCSI Student Section


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