Sunday, September 22, 2013

Committee outing @ ESCAPE Room

After all the hardwork everyone put in during IEM Engineering Week, all of us decided to let out some steam by trying out this new attraction called the Escape Room. Our committee member, Engr Weng Kean booked the Mummy Room & Mysterious Room.

On the 21st Sept 2013, all of us were excited to try the new attraction. We made so many speculations, assumptions before our session starts. We went to their website and even found out that there handcuffs involved! Yikes! There was a video on their website and there were people crawling in the video! All of us were a bit worried.. We were apparently required to solve the clues within 45 minutes! Can we do it?? Imagine a room full of engineers who cannot solve within 45 minutes, that would be embarrassing!!!!

Anyway, since there were 9 of us, we split the group into 2 groups of 5 and 4. The one with 4 person in a group went for the "easier" room : Mummy Room, assuming that 5 people including a genius (you know who you are) is more than enough to solve the clues in the slightly more difficult room : Mysterious Room.

At 6.30pm, off we go into our respective rooms. Before that, the facilitator briefed us on the dos and don'ts in the room. Also, we were informed that we are allowed to ask for hints twice! The minute the facilitator left... the 45 minutes countdown started!

In the Mummy Room 
All of us scrambled to find the first clue! pheww.. time flew by super duper fast when you're solving clues! We were practically sweating & squatting. Earlier on, our Chairman told us to bring our trusty scientific calculator but we just laughed at him. Little did we know that we actually needed it! Not easy to compute a 4 digit number in your head, unless you're an accountant or a genius. Thank God for phone calculators! haha.. Anyway, we managed to solve the clues within 45 minutes with 3 minutes to spare. Thank God! Thank you to the clues, otherwise.. we will be losers!

We are the championsss... my friendddd... wooohooo!!!
In the Mysterious Room 
The door was open and we saw only DARKNESS and LASER LIGHTS. Yikes! All of us panicked and the first thing we did was go straight to the 3rd clue! Oh boyyy... we missed out on the 1st and 2nd clues. Because of the difficulty of the clues, we had to crack our head like crazy! Even work is easier.. less that we know we need to crack another clue to open another door! T.T  However, luck was not our side, we didn't finish on time. If only we were given 5 more minutes! We would be champions!
We lost... If only we were given 5 more minutes!
After our Escape Room session, we took photos of the winning and losing teams complete with all the props related to the respective rooms. Haha.. cool! We were even given polaroids of our group photo and the photos will be uploaded into Escape Room's facebook. hehe.. :-)

Polaroids from Escape Room!
Group photo

By Engr. Aida Yazrin Mohd Khairi & Engr. Puteri Aqilah Anwar

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