Tuesday, September 03, 2013

YES Hari Raya Get Together 2013

On the 21st of August 2013, IEM YES has organized a Hari Raya Get Together, which is open to all members. The buffet style "open IEM" started at 6.30pm inside the GETD Room on the 2nd floor of Bangunan Ingenieur. The event was a full house with some members even bringing their friends or other IEM members who are curious about YES and definitely the food! We not only filled our tummy with delicious food, we also managed to mingle around and had lots of fun catching up and eating.. Malaysian Style! Everybody had a blast!

Roti Jala, Lemang & Nasi Impit galore!
Yummy.. the curry looked good. The rendang too!
Our IEM YES Chairman always takes the lead, so as dining.
Happy people happy day!
Three IEM YES Musketeers finally showed up!!!  Aswad (left), Yik Ming (center) and Vivek (right)
All our lady secretariats flocking Aklanie :-p

The IEM seniors made time to attend our event. Thank you!

YES Raya Get Together open house offers a good chance for members to bolster friendship
Student members grab a chance to take photo with the IEM YES Committee
Finally, a crazy group photo of the YES Committee members!


To our members, see you again next year!

To our new friends, hope to see you soon!

By Engr. Kok Jing Shun

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