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IEM YES National Summit 2013

** Extracted from Jurutera version October 2013
For years, IEM Young Engineer Section (YES) has been organizing the National Summit annually. It serves as a platform for the young engineers to exchange ideas and connect with each other on the prospect of the growth of the young engineers. In 2013, the IEM YES National Summit was held together with the Student National Summit in Kuala Lumpur, lead by IEM YES KL's Chairman, Engr. Mah Way Sheng.  It was attended by all branches’ representatives from all over Malaysia, namely; Penang, Perak, KL, Sarawak, Miri and Sabah branch. The numbers of participants this year turned out to be 80 and was deemed a success.

This year , IEM YES National Summit kicked-start on the 27th of June 2013 with the arrival of participants to check in at Lembah Azwen in Hulu Langat. There was no activity carried out on the first day of the National Summit as the arrival times of the participants were varied. During the day, participants took the time to mingle with other branches and exchange contact.

Registration of YES National Summit 2013 participants

Team Building Activity
The event officially started after breakfast, where YES KL's Chairman gave a warm welcome speech to the participants to kick-start YES National Summit 2013. The first event of the day was team building. We were split into two big teams and instructed to fix a raft made of plastic drums, rope and timber, ensuring that it is stable in the water. It was exciting when everyone worked together as a team and cracked their brain to ensure the raft they're fixing is stable in the water.

Participants waiting to be divided into groups
After that, we were split into smaller groups and briefed by the facilitator on the next team building event. We were first instructed to make a circle in front of the pond and sang a song alongside the instructor. Then, the team had to work together to swim across the pond with the aid of a rope. This was carried out to build the water confidence of the team members It was finally time to test the raft which was fixed earlier. Each teams were required to row their raft to the other end of the pond and back. This brought up the spirit of competitiveness until 2 particular groups had a special request to compete against each other. After the team building, everyone was exhausted and was given sufficient time to rest before the inter-branch and students meeting.
Participants fixing the raft

Raft race between two teams during the team building activity

National Summit 2013 Inter-branch meeting
The meetings were held concurrently in different meeting rooms. In the National Summit Inter-branch meeting, YES KL Chairman Engr. Mah gave a welcome speech and kicked-start the meeting. During the meeting, it was unanimously voted that YES Perak branch will organize the National Summit in 2015. One of the highlights in the meeting was the decision that each branch will contribute to the National Summit fund to help the organizing branch.
National Summit 2013 Inter-branch meeting
Group photo of YES Branch leaders
Students National Summit 2013
On the other side, the Students National Summit was attended by the student leaders and representatives from 10 IEM Student Sections namely UNITEN, UTAR, UiTM, UTP, UMP, UNIMAS, UTHM, USM, UMS and UCSI. The meeting was chaired by Sdr. Kuugan Thangarajoo from IEM-SIR UNITEN. The meeting generally emphasized on problems faced by student sections and collaboration among student sections in future events. All student sections presented their annual report during the meeting. UMS was elected as the next organiser for the meeting as the 2014 National Summit is to be held in Sabah. Outcomes were later presented by Sdr. Kuugan to the IEM-YES National Summit meeting delegates.  
Students National Summit meeting
Friendly Futsal Game
On the last day of the 3-day event, a friendly futsal game was held among the male delegates. The game was held in Sports Planet Kota Damansara. International Size FIFA Approved Pitch was used for the game. There was a light warm-up session before the game. Delegates were equally divided into four teams. The objective was to have fun and it was interesting to see the YES delegates and Student Section delegates playing with no boundaries. The ladies were cheering and giving support for the guys.

By Engr. Danny Lee Dian Woon, Sdr. Yew Weng Kean & Sdr. Kuugan Thangarajoo

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