Monday, February 28, 2011

YES Leaders Note: Celebrating Chinese New Year, a year of rabbit

Today is last day of February 2011. As a shorter month of the year, in this month also we were celebrating Chinese New Year and Birthday of Prophet Muhammad. On 15 February 2011, IEM YES organized a CNY Gathering for YES committee and volunteers and also for the secretariat of IEM. As in 1 Malaysia concept, YES keep continuing celebrating for all festival in Malaysia.
In YES, we always put a communication as main factor in dealing with all graduate and student members. We divide our communication ways into to blog, email group, facebook, meeting and also via phone. Of course for IEM itself, a official website is best approach of delivering information to all members.

For YES always blog is our focus. Our blog , is where we communicate with others for our upcoming activities and report of activities. Currently we divide the blog to four (4) parts. Upcoming events announcement, events report, professional engineers Question and Answer and finally a leader note. As events announcement and reports mostly about activities we had. For Professional Engineers Q&A, a series of compilation question and answer about the membership drive and route to professional engineers will be established. Leaders note will be more focus a direct communication from committee to members. Usually it’s explaining details of concern from members about YES. Last month we touch about what volunteers can gain from IEM YES. This month, we will discuss about how communication happen in IEM YES.

Email in YES. Our so call official email for YES committee is It’s will be directly to YES committee. Of course, for dealing with IEM secretariat is the best and for IEM YES secretariat is .

We have three (3) mailing list in IEM YES. is a closed email group for YES committee and co-opted members. This is main mailing list to us to discuss and make decision for our activities. Meanwhile, mainly is list of group of past YES committee and volunteers or we called YES Alumni. Finally, the most important, mailing list is where we email the announcement of activities to graduates and students.

Facebook, become more influence communication platform in this era. You can search IEM G&S, YES for YES facebook. As function of facebook to connect all people and have a sharing of pictures, information and etc, it’s become a more important to YES.

Our monthly meeting also a important place to communicate with all committee and volunteers. The meeting also becomes a place to get more details information for activities. New volunteers also usually come to monthly meeting to get to know the committee and others young engineers and students. Our monthly meeting is on last Wednesday every month at 7.45pm.

The aim of all this communication methods mainly to get to members closer and fast as it can. With these several of channel for communication in YES, we need more into the team. I would like to call for volunteers those who can work from far as YES blogger, YES email announcer, and YES Facebook coordinator. We welcome you to family to taste the enjoyment of big family of young engineers and students.

IEM Young Engineers Section wishing you and your family Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year 2011. May the rabbit year will be a prosperous year for all of you.
As others young engineers committee celebrating CNY Gathering at IEM with secretariat at IEM, I can’t manage to join them. It’s just for one and only reason: I just become a father on 15 February 2011. ;)

Engr. Shuhairy Norhisham
Young Engineers Section
The Institution of Engineers Malaysia

Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Year as Chemical Engineering Student

“You are learning physics and mathematics!”

A phrase was given by my lecturer when I was attending the first day of class for my degree program in chemical engineering. It sounded intriguing. I thought most of the subjects were directly or indirectly related to chemistry. Chemistry is one of the subjects that I like and it became a deciding factor when I chose to pursue chemical engineering degree.

Most of my course mates started to look at each other. The whispering noise among my course mates began to rise. “You will not be learning much on chemistry subject”, said my lecturer. “Your seniors had the same perceptions as well when I first met them. You all will be having a tough time during your first year.” We were asked by our lecturer during our first day of class on whether we are aware that chemical engineering degree is all about learning physics and mathematics.

I must admit that some of us, who came from middle or lower income group family, do not have much choice to choose which degree program that we would like to pursue. We are lucky that we are offered a place at public university. The news of getting a place for my tertiary education at public university was a great relief for my aging parents who worked as government servant back then.

During the first semester of my chemical engineering degree program, I was having a tough time learning the fundamental subjects of chemical engineering programs that were related to physics and mathematics. We were given assignments and tests almost every week till I have lost count how many assignments I have submitted or tests that I have done in class.

However, I have witnessed strong unity among my course mates. We shared our notes and discussed our assignments together. The Malay, Chinese and Indian course mates were seen learning together and hanging out at library or cafeteria to have discussion. It was like the 1Malaysia concept that has always been with us. The difficult subjects of physics and mathematics were becoming easier as we worked and solved together as a team. I began to understand and visualise how these subjects are apply for chemical engineering industry. Most of us started to enjoy the subjects and the perception of being a chemical engineer as we thought at the beginning of the semester changed as the days went by.

Little did I know the truly wonderful things that I have shared with my course mates have lead us to our second year of our degree program. Then, UPM has completed the new engineering faculty with up to date teaching facilities and laboratory to ensure all the engineering students are competence and equipped with the latest engineering practices once they graduate from UPM.

At the beginning of my second year of engineering degree program, a phrase that I have heard a year ago submerged again.

“You are learning physics and mathematics!”

The phrase was told by one of my course mates to our juniors who were attending their first day of class for chemical engineering degree program. Perhaps this is a popular phrase among chemical engineers at the beginning of their first semester and the cycle starts again!

by Engr. Ngeow Yen Wan

Thursday, February 24, 2011

TALK ON Engineer as a Consulting Engineer

This talk is to allow consulting engineering firms and professional engineers to gain understanding and knowledge to set-up a Sustainable Consultancy Firm .

The talk is a platform for interaction and networking with fellow engineers and speaker also will provide updates on policies and regulations in the engineering consultancy industry. Meanwhile some of your doubts and question will be answered in this talk
- Route to Professional Engineer & Consulting Engineer – Why?
- Skills picked up & DNA of A Sustainable Consultancy Firm
- Quality Management System (QMS)
- Structured Training
- Structured Research & Development
- Spirit of Sharing
- Future Role of Engineers & Model of Consulting Firms
- Conclusion & Advice

If you are interested, following are the event details:
Date : 9th April 2011 (Saturday)
Time : 9.00 a.m to 11.30 a.m ( Refreshment will be served at 8.30 a.m)
Venue : Tan Sri Prof. Chin Fung Kee Auditorium, 3rd Floor, Wisma IEM, PJ
Speaker : Ir. Dr. Gue See Sew

There will be 2 CPD/PDP BEM approved hours

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The IEM YES Futsal Tournament 2011 was held on 8th January 2011 at Sports Planet Kajang (SPK), Bandar Teknologi Kajang. This event was organized by the Uniten Student Members and collaboration with IEM YES G&S Committee Members. This event was eventually under the IEM YES activities schedule for year 2010 and was postponed to year 2011 due to some technical problems.

This futsal event was an open tournament whereby anyone could join this tournament if they have a team formed with 8 numbers of players. This event was considered as an international event since there were a numbers of team from international country such as Sudan, Persian, Arad Saudi and local teams indeed.

The participant’s teams were limited up to 40 teams and there were few sponsors partially supported this event such as Sentosa Jaya Sdn. Bhd, G&P Professionals Sdn. Bhd, Stesen Kontraktor Sdn.Bhd, Pertanian Pertiwi Sdn.Bhd and Sg.Jan Kuari. Highly appreciated the kindness of these companies whom willing to support our Futsal Tournament. The total numbers of participants reached more than 380 people including the team managers and supporters for each team. There were also a numbers of teams from Engineering companies such as MMC-Gamuda, HSS integrated and many more whom took part in this prestigious Futsal event.

This Futsal event was a half day event which kicked off at 9am till 5pm. The competition among the 40 teams was tight and yet Catalonia FC, team from Sudan manages to grab the first place with RM3000.00 cash prize, Trophy and medals. 1st Runner Up goes to Dani FC team from Malaysia and 2nd Runner Up, Caspian FC team from Iran.

In a nut shell, this Futsal tournament provided a unique platform for a stronger bond between Engineers, student, local Futsal players and international participants in order to create a harmony, understanding and peaceful life together in Malaysia as well to maintain healthy life style by involving in sports activities. Thank you for the supports from all parties to make this event as a successful history in IEM YES G&S.

Registration of teams in progress.

Venue of Futsal Tournament 2011- Sports Planet Kajang (SPK)

Some glance of International Participants

Participants from Engineering Company - MMC Gamuda Berhad

Active scenery while the game was in progress

Some of the international participants & supporters

While the game being played in the pitch

Superb penalty Shot by one of the White Shadow’s player

Prize giving ceremony for the Champions – Catalonia FC

Prize given to the 1st Runner Up (Dani FC) by the IEM YES G&S Chairman, Engr.Shuhairy

2ND Runner Up, Caspian FC from Iran back home together with RM1000.00 and medals.

Photo session before the Final Game Took

IEM YES Futsal Committee Members and IEM YES G&S Committee Members.

Prepared by
Engr. Ganesh Rao
Co-Opted Member