Saturday, November 19, 2011

Event Report: Cakap-Cakap Engineer UiTM

Welcome speech by Chairman of Civil Engineering Society, Mr. Takim

On 17th November 2011, at 830pm, a membership drive conducted in UiTM held by Civil Engineering Society of UiTM. We were welcomed by the friendly committees there. It was a good response despite of bad weather. There were about 200 students attended in which it comprised of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Chemical Engineering students.
The crowds at the night
The row of engineer of the night who can't wait for Sharing Session

The event was started off with a speech by Mr. Hakim, lecturer of Civil Engineering Department. We were glad to know that he still remembered the names of all engineers who attended the same event last year. After that, Engr. Puvan was invited to introduce about IEM followed by Engr. Cheng Pay to introduce about Young Engineer's Section. The flow of event was controlled with the help of Engr. Navinderan.

Engr. Puvan introduced about IEM

After introduction of IEM and YES, it was a sharing session whereby engineers will share their working experience so that the future engineers will visualize their paths better. Each engineer was given only 5 minute to talk about their role in work and experience. First was presented by Engr. Aswad about his work as a service engineer in Favelle Favco. Then followed by Engr. Mei Wong as a CAD/M engineer although she was not in the actual line but moving into mechanical design. Engr. Cheng Pay elaborated his work as an Electrical Engineer which is his ambition since young. Last was by Engr. Vivek as an Electrical Engineer. He was given a good piece of advice by his boss to remember V=IR and derive everything from it.

After sharing session was over, then it was a Q&A by students. Engr. Navinderan announced to divide the crowds into respective course so that the Q&A will be directive to the specific engineers. The students were proactive in asking questions. It shows their passions.

At 10.30pm, the event was finally ended with prize giving ceremony and dinner.

Prepared and Posted by Engr. Mei Wong

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