Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Professional Engineer Q&A: Part 18

FAQs on General

Q32: Why should there be an Interview with essay writing?
Many have asked this question at previous dialogue sessions. A lot of the engineers feel that the engineering degree would be sufficient evidence to show the qualification. This issue has been discussed time and again and the IEM Council feels that there is the need to maintain and upgrade the standard of the profession and as such the interview would be able to keep the engineers aware of the importance of the standards of engineering writing.

FAQs on Membership application

Application for Student Membership of IEM
Q33: I am pursuing my undergraduate course in one of the accredited local universities. I submitted my application for Student Membership in lumped package complete with application forms and cheques via a local IEM Branch. I understand the IEM HQ did not receive the postage. What would IEM advise me or the Branch to do now?

IEM would advise the Branch to re-send the photocopied forms (with endorsement as true certified copy per original) to IEM HQ for subsequent action. The Branch has to cancel the missing cheque and reissue a new cheque with matching details. The Branch is also encouraged to ensure proper delivery via secured courier service

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