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EINIX 2013

Engineering Invention and Innovation Exhibition (EINIX) is an annual exhibition organised by Young Engineers Section (YES), The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM). This exhibition is proposed in conjunction with the IEM Engineering Week.

EINIX is the brainchild of the Young Engineers Section in the year 2011. The main objective of EINIX is to promote the Engineering Profession to the public by exhibiting the creative inventions and innovative products from the undergraduates and postgraduate students in local universities. Thus in 2011, the planning and preparation kicked off for EINIX 2012 where Ir. Lee Cheng Pay lead the YES team to successfully organize the first ever Invention Exhibition by IEM in a public area, EINIX 2012 held at 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

This year's EINIX were held successfully at 1 Utama Shopping Centre with the theme "Engineering Commercialization". In the context of Engineering Commercialization, participants are required to generate an invention/innovation involving inter disciplines of engineering in attempting to further enhance commercializing the engineering concept to greater heights and broader region not only in ASEAN region but globally.

The exhibition was officiated by YB Datuk Dr Abu Bakar bin Mohamad Diah, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Science Technology & Innovation (MOSTI) on the 14th of September 2013. In his opening speech, he encouraged all the higher learning institutions to be more inventive and taking into account the commercial aspect of their invention so that it could benefit the public. He also highlighted that there are various funds initiated by MOSTI and the aspiring inventors should utilize it to their advantage.

YB Datuk Dr Abu Bakar bin Mohamad Diah giving his opening speech for EINIX 2013
YB Deputy Minister of MOSTI visiting Datuk Dr Abu Bakar bin Mohamad Diah giving his opening speech for EINIX 2013
YAB Menteri Besar Selangor was amazed by the invention!

Let’s have a sneak peek on EINIX 2013. Camera roll!

This year around, we have 14 participation from talented inventors and innovators from IPTA and IPTS in Malaysia.

The first product called Touch Free Lighting Control System by UCSI students.
New ways of switching on and off lights and other appliances by 3 incredible ways. With a budget around RM20++ u can switch on your lighting via BLUETOOTH, IR REMOTE CONTROL  or even TOUCH-FREE SWITCH (waving hand over the sensor).  Switch on your light even your hand still wet!
UCSI Students with the invention

Another product by UCSI students is Mobile Geometry drawing Robot.  This robot is programmed for geometric drawings. Their target is for secondary school students to learn and gain interest about geometry and programming in Engineering. This Hi-Tech Education Toy is ready for sale for RM100 per unit. 
Proud to be a young inventor, perhaps that is what they feel during the exhibition. =)

Can you guess what the robot was drawing?
Thanks to these four young inventors from UCSI research group. They are undergraduates from Mechatronics Engineering Communication and also Electronics Engineering programmes, Year 2.

The next product comes from Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP),  Interlocking Concrete Unit-V (ICU-V). This product has won GOLD Medal in ITEX 2013. Congratulations!
The idea of replacing ICU-V from conventional armour unit is because of Malaysia has beautiful coastal area with high economic interest and social values. Thus, with this solution, it helps to protect coastal area from erosion activity and beautify our gorgeous beaches landscapes. The results from ICU-V product are integrate high interlocking and friction capability, more stable but lighter and only use 1/3 of required rock size! There is a lot of MONEY can be SAVED.  
 UTP students and her supervisor stand proud with their product ICU-V!
Now we go to Melaka, The Historical City. This time around, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) conquered the stage with SEVEN BOOTHS overall. Impressive!!
Engr. Dr. Mohd Azman Abdullah represents UTeM with his innovation product Multi Wheel Nuts Remover (MWNR). This MWNR is designed to be ergonomic to be used, easy maintenance, easy storage, easy to handle and able to remove all nuts at once. He said this product can be use for example to remove a wheel from a vehicle or tighten the nuts. Cool!

The Multi Wheel Nuts Remover is ready to use!
Next is a group project with their product called The Elevator Cabinet. These students with their adviser have invented elevator cabinet which does not restrict for home use purposes but also potential for library, school and hospital. This idea could help the adults to reach things from upper part of the cabinet, keep hazardous material away from children and save space for small area. Furthermore, this product is easy to install and durable.              
The model is ready to be commercialized =)
The second group come up with The Multiple Function Emergency Sign.  An improved emergency light come with LED light to warn other vehicle user and stability. Alongside, it can be used as alternative brake light for vehicles.
Students accompanied by their advisor from UTeM with their product.

Last but not least, Engr. Siva Kumar Subraniam from UTeM. He has done a good job in both invention and innovation projects. The products are The Call Buster, Self-Routing Traffic Light Controller for Cross Junction and Occupancy System For Automatic Electrical Appliances Switching.
Engr Siva Kumar with his invention The Call Buster

One of the products, The Call Buster is used to detect signal that are transmitted from mobile phones. Good to be placed at Petrol station, Hospital, Court where mobile phones is prohibited. In petrol station situation, if the signal trigger, it will straight cut off the fuel to pump and alert the petrol station counter.
Engr Siva Kumar with his invention Self Routing Traffic Light Controller for Cross Junction
Nobody likes being stuck in a traffic jam. Therefore, with new invention like Self-Routing Traffic Light Controller For Cross Junction, it can reduce waiting and sopping time in a certaintraffic light junction, avoid and reduce accidents due to vehicles not stopping in yellow lights  and longer green light time based on volume of vehicles.

Engr Siva Kumar with his invention Occupancy System for Automatic Electrical Appliances Switching
Optimization of electricity and water usage brings Engr. Siva to come with new approach. Occupancy System for Automatic Electrical Appliances Switching switched ON when there is occupancies count. The sensor captures the relative motion and generates a count signal to microcontroller. The switch will OFF automatically when there is no occupancies. SAVE OUR BILLS!

Good job to Engr. Siva Kumar Subraniam and his team for these three amazing projects!

We appreciate what Mother Nature gives us. Thus University Teknologi Mara (UiTM) students come up with Torrefaction of Biomass into Value Added Solid Fuels. Basically, they are using bamboo with extreme high temperature and absence of oxygen and turn it into solid charcoal. Amazing! In Malaysia, we are still using charcoal to generate electricity. Hence, this perhaps could help the high demand of charcoal in near future.

These UiTM students have high hopes their product becomes dream come true.
Moving on, good news for stroke patients to improve their rehabilitation, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) has come up with Compact Rehabilitation Robot (CR2). CR2 is created to solve the problems faces by most of stroke patients. CR2 is used to train effectively through interactive games. CR2 can be used to train reaching movement for both upper and lower limbs in variety modes for recovering progress. It even got good reviews from physiotherapists at Sultanah Aminah Hospital, Johor Bharu.

CR2 uses interactive games to improve rehabilitation of stroke patients
Menteri Besar Selangor looks happy playing games in CR2 model robot
Last but not least, University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) with their project called A Novel Fuzzy Controlled Energy Storage for Low-Voltage Distribution Network with Renewable Energy Sources. According to Dr. Lim Yun Sheng and his partner Jianhui Wong, photovoltaic (PV) systems is ideal for Malaysia as the level of sun irradiance is sufficient. However due to low clear sky index, the power output of the PV systems fluctuates substantially. Thus, with fuzzy controlled energy storage system is able to mitigate the flactauting voltage rises and voltage imbalances on the networks.

Dr. Lim Yu Sheng and Jianhui Wong form UTAR with their fuzzy control energy system
EINIX 2013 & IEM ENGINEERING WEEK 2013 officially closed it’s week on 15th September 2013. This closing ceremony is officially closed by YAB Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Abdul Khalid Bin Ibrahim, Menteri Besar Selangor. In his speech, he highlighted the need of engineers to work hand in hand with the state government to improve the standards of Selangor State and in total create a well developed nation. He also highlighted the need for innovation to be commercialized since only through commercialization the real benefit of the innovation could be benefited by the public. 

YAB Menteri Besar of Selangor, Tan Sri Dato' Sri Abdul Khalid bin Ibrahim giving his closing speech for EINIX 2013

The winners of EINIX 2013. Congratulations!!!!

1st place
Self Routing Traffic Light Controller for Cross Junction
(University Teknikal Melaka Malaysia, UTeM)
2nd place
Mobile Phone Usage Alert System
(University Teknikal Melaka Malaysia, UTeM)
3rd place
Compact Rehabilitation Robot (CR2)
(University Teknologi Malaysia, UTM)

Throughout the 2 years which EINIX have been organized, it proved to be a good platform for the engineering students from various universities to show case their inventions and innovations. With this year's theme of "Engineering Commercialization", the aspiring inventors has taken a step further by introducing inventions with commercial values. With this, EINIX strives and will continue to be the catalyst for these inventions to be commercialized and thus introduced to the market.

By Engr. Puteri Aqilah Anwar & Engr. Aida Yazrin Mohd Khairi

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