Sunday, June 26, 2011

Professional Engineer Q&A: Part 5

Q9: It is very difficult to record the experiences of the engineers for three years and to list down exactly what has been done during this period are there any alternatives?

All engineers should keep a record of his work schedule. The IEM has the Log Book to assist one in the recording.

Q10: It is very difficult for non civil engineers to prepare the project report as required. Most of these engineers would not have designs to submit on the projects such as those of the civil counterparts?

The P.I. Regulation had outlined the kind of submission for non civil engineers. If the engineer is involved in maintenance of an electrical/mechanical plant or engineering system, the submission could be directed at the applications of the engineering principles, a critical appraisal of the design of the engineering system or the detail modifications to be made or had been made to the system. All these could be compiled and submitted to the Interviewers.

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